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I can't launch the game - help me get it done please


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Hi there! so I've bought a retail copy of GTA V on release day, unfortunately I couldn't launch the game so far. tried to patch it twice by now but for some reason (probably me) it just won't work.

I guess I had some files missing or put them in the wrong folders, or maybe I installed the patch and what not in a wrong order. I have read through a lot of threads and posts about launching issues for retail copies, though I can't say so far I gave the situation 100 % attention as I'm a working father who is not so cool about the fact that, after he went out of his way to buy GTA V for the 3rd time, that he can't just install the game and play it. well, le sigh, I have time these days and I just wanna see the nice features GTA V has to offer on PC. but for that to happen, I think I need some help, someone who can guide me through the sh*t step by step. I will provide you with any info I have on my end, will list patches and files I have downloaded so far (from non-R*-sources btw, since I heard it takes like a day to load the patch from, yeah from where exactly? social club? that thing wouldn't even show for me once.....it installed, and there's a directory for it, but no executable file to be found) I will try to mnake the situation on my end as transparent as can be.


It's been a while since I've been "into" PC gaming, as in knowing what to do or where to put certain files, what to switch and so on in order to play a game that requires a little "tweaking" so you can already launch the damn thing. I'm not a total idiot, but I guess I'm really giving myself a hard time here having made a stupid mistake or forgotten about something vital to the patching process.


SO....TL;DR: someone please be so kind and tell me what files I need, where I can get them, where I need to put them and in what order I need to copy and patch things. we could do this via PM if more comfortable, I'd just totally appreciate SOMEONE who'd take the time to guide me through the process. I just wanna play the game, cruise around in the desert and listen to Independence FM, maybe look into the director's/editor mode.


thanks for any help in advance, really appreciated

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You should just need to install the game, if it's from steam it should patch and everything automatically, with the rockstart launcher it's about the same.

Through the rockstar launcher sometimes a file or a few files can get corrupt and needs to be deleted and then re-downloaded for them to work properly.


Are there any errors when you try to start the game or what happens ?


Post your specs and a pic of the error and it will be easier to look at the problem.

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that loading screen appears but it just doesn't launch, then an error pops up and it simply says "stopped working". I tried to launch once with the GTA.exe I replaced, then it said "use the launcher" - but that didn't work and led me to the error I got all the time sor far ---> "stopped working"....it never worked in the first place..GODDAMMIT...sigh*


my specs, lel, I hardly know the details really since a friend of mine built the PC for me yeeears ago. I don't think it's too weak to run it, I certainly can't max it out, but it should at least start. well, I have:


4 GB ram

Intel Core 2 Quad CPU, Q6600 @2,4 ghz

Radeon HD 6850 1 GB

windows 7, 64 bit


now could you please tell me what vital files I need as of now, all patches so far, and where I can find those? I know a dude in a nother thread linked to a mirror from a guy who uploaded it for people who couldn't get the files from official R* servers, and in most cases it worked fine for people. but there gotta be more now, and I'd just download everything else again if I have to to make sure I got the right files/package.

Edited by Noclue_42
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Well regarding the files it's different files for some, usually it's the bigger rpf files that's the source of the problem when rockstar launcher downloads them they get incomplete.

So without comparing them to someone with a working game it's impossible to know.


Me and my friend were on teamspeak and compared the exact filesize for all files, how many files we had in the folder and +/- since i have the steam version and he has the rockstar launcher thingy there were files i didn't have during the download/install.


I haven't seen the thread with the download links, sorry.


As for the specs, i would suggest more ram but you should atleast be able to start and play the game on low settings and maybe even higher, but stucking at the loading screen on the launcher some files are definitely broken.

As for my friend it was the DLC files in the dlcpack folder, and specifically the dlcheist was the problem so try with that one first and then try with the other ones or just simply (well not that simple really with a slow rockstar downloader) reinstall the game from scratch, but the best way would be if you know someone with the game and jsut copy over all files.

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well thanks for the info dude, I guess I'll have to keep downloading, patching, and de-installing over and over until I get it done. I saw the thread where they posted instructions and links to all files was updated, guess I'll just try it from there, again and again....


fun fact: my dvd drive is broken, it doesn't open/close by itself...so every installation is REALLY fun and not time consuming at all....YAY!

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Well, if you don't have a friend that have the game installed it's harder comparing the files, but if i get time in about 40 min when i get back home, i can take a print screen on the GTA 5 folder and you can see the filesizes on the bigger files and the main folder and we'll go from there and see if your file sizes are the same or not.


And then see if you can find that thread with the files that's uploaded somewhere and download the ones that might be needed, how's that sound ?

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sounds good man that'd be awesome. as I said any help is really appreciated. I am already re-downloading files, and looking for new ones. no rush though, I might fall asleep since I was on the night shift and had no sleep for too longbut I'll definitely come back to check up on things when I find the time


just fire away with any screenshots, I do have a retail copy though and you said you got it on steam but it will be of help regardless I think.

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Okay here is the file, i used tinyupload since i used that before for my forum sigs ^_^

Anyway, when you look at the file there, or if you have to download the jpeg file i took the picture with these forums in the background and it will show all files except the folders which is _CommonRedist for the net framwork and direct x, Installers, update and x64.


So start comparing all files in the main folder, and if they are the correct size, i'll have to take some pics on all the ones in the x64 folder and maybe inside the update folder for the dlc pack files.


Let me know when you're back and not tired and let's see if we can fix this.


Sleep tight ^_^

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