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GTA V - launcher issue


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I have a little disturbing problem, when i run the launcher, he download an update, when it's done i can run the game, so i run the game, i played one hour then i shut it down. But when i restart the game the launcher download the update again. Moreover the download speed is very slow (60kB/s) although my maximum speed connection is 450 kB/s, when the download is running all my bandwidth is used...completely illogical

Is anyone else have these problems ?

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The rockstar servers are known to be slow, but taking up all bandwidth with just 60kb/s download is not normal. Have anything else internet related up and running at the same time ?


And as for the update problem, there might be a corrupt file somewhere, if you can see which file it downloads and if it's the same one everytime, delete the file and redownload it.


try that and send me an pm if it worked or not.

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As you can see above, the download speed is slow, but all the bandwidth is used, there is no other process who download something.


About the update problem, i have contacted the Rockstar support, they try to help me to solve my problems, but for the moment there is no solution. If you have a solution I'm interested. I have tried to install manually the GTA_V_Patch_1_0_335_2.exe but when the update file is paste in the update folder, the date of the last modification of the file change to the 19/04/2015 instead of 26/04/2015. So i think that the files related to the update don't stay in the update folder and that's why when i run the launcher he want to download the update.


I have bought this game 3 weeks ago but I haven't been able to play, i'm a little bit frustrated.


Thank for your help

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I'm having this exact same issue. Did you manage to resolve it?

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Yes, i have uninstall the game, also the social club, use Ccleaner.

I have downloaded GTA V again, installed it, run the game, shut it down, and run again, launcher don't run update again so the problem is solved.

The only thing i have change is the installation folder that was : "D:\Jeux installés\Grand Theft Auto V" to "D:\Grand Theft Auto V". I don't know if it had an impact, but now the game works.

The only solution that the Rockstar support have is to make you a Dxdiag and Msinfo32, then they ask you to uninstall the game.


The answer of the support to my request :


"Uninstall the game

Uninstall Social Club Application
Clean your registry by following the instructions found in the following article: http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner
Start checking system files: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929833/fr
Download and install the latest version of the Social Club Application
Install the game again
3) If the problem persists, between each step try to restart the game:
Disable antivirus and firewall for all applications and game files.
Restart the computer without the background applications: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/331796/fr
If the problem persists, re-contact us so that we can find another solution.
Thank you for your cooperation.
William P.
Rockstar support"
i sincerely hope that will help you, because i was very frustrated to not being able to play and that the support don't have any true solution other than uninstall the game
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