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When do you unlock the Casco?


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Joined a random hiest via the phone and got put straight into the prison break final, great I thought. Finally unlock the Casco.


At the end I got the Prison bus and the Velum, but no Casco? Does that one unlock after you do the mission to collect it, and not the final? Seems an odd way round as I've done the Insurgent one at least 3 times but not unlocked those yet.



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It's after the Setup Prison Break - Station


Half the team gets the prison bus schedule and the other half Rashkovsky's stolen Casco.

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Ahh, so you get it straight after that one.


Going to have to keep hopping randoms and I hope I get it

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I can start a Prison break one now Fleeca is bugged, but I don't think your on PS4?

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I am on PS4, but not at home right now. I'll just keep my eyes peeled for the station one.

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I ain't got time now either, I meant later today.

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It should be after you break the dude out of the prison,but it costs ALOT of money.

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$680k. Around $1m after fully modding. Pretty expensive. I think it looks exquisite and is fun to race if your friends have one too.

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