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[PC] Looking for Heist Crew (Big Cut)


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I'm looking for a few people to do all the heists. I will give the crew the biggest cut possible evenly split since I'm more concerned about seeing the content than money or RP.

Your resume should look something like this:

-Common sense (don't guard the barriers, let them guard you. Don't get into other people's cars when you're the only one with a wanted star.)

-Willingness to retry on unsuccessful attempts.

Seriously... that's all I ask. It's stealing a couple of vehicles, playing some minigames, and shooting some things--possibly. High level, experience with heists, good equipment, and a mic, are recommended but not necessary.


Post your SC tag here, and I'll add you.

Edited by NinjaSquirt
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Bitch Ass Bullshit

Completed all heists. I would like to replay with even pay


SC: TheExpendble


Post ur SC so we identify you

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hey dude , i was really gonna post the same post when i came here but i saw ur post , so why not team up.

about me :
20 years old , active everyday , mic (teamspeak , skype)

experience :

did all heists (did first 3 heists for more than 8 times i think but with randoms . i'd love to play them again as a team) , i know all glitches\easy ways out\shortcuts etc. in every heist , i did the last two heists only 1 time each, can play any job\team in any heist setup .(and trying to get elite challenge in all heists)

skill :

headshot machine , fast-pace killer , tactical\strategic player , i can fly jets\planes\choppers , pro. driver (some heist setups i can do by my-self and the rest can just wait for me :p) , lvl 43 in 3.5 days , long story shot great on ground and in the air.

Drvirus211 . on rockstar club
magnito_007 . on steam

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