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Disable camera center-lock controller?


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If you play on controller you probably have noticed that while running in vehicles the camera autocenters which to me is annoying and it doesn't happen when using mouse/keyboard.

For those who are already testing mods and playing with GTAV files, would it be possible to disable this at some point?

Edited by SlackulatoR
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The thing I want fixed is when running on foot the camera will pan towards the ground. That can't be fixed in the settings. A mod that disables all and any camera adjustments would be great.

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I'm pretty sure you can disable that in the settings


Unfortunatelly not. I've tried all the settings.

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I'd like to have that too! It's a pain in the ass to look for stuff using the controller while your vehicle is moving because of that auto-center thing... if there was at least a way to make it 'wait a little' after we move the camera it would be better, but there's no way, and atm it's impossible to look at stuff while driving. Can't play properly using the controller :(.

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You can only disable it for first person, agree as it's really annoying while driving in third person with the view auto centering all the time.

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Red Dead Rebel


I'm pretty sure you can disable that in the settings


Unfortunatelly not. I've tried all the settings.



Go to the camera settings and you'll find the option

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Which one are you talking about? I don't see any "disable auto-center" setting for third-person:



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  • 11 months later...

i've found a solution for M&KB, but it does partially work with controller too (to a limited degree)

This AutoHotKey script prevents the game from auto-centering, by forcing the mouse to move 1 pixel up and down every 900 milliseconds !!!

MouseMove, 0 , 1,, R
Sleep, 900
MouseMove, 0,-1,, R
Sleep, 900
All you have to do is install AHK from autohotkey.com, make a text file with notepad on desktop, fill it with the short text above, save, rename the file extension to .ahk instead of .txt, right-click and run it in administrator mode. When you want to stop it, right-click the H icon in sytem tray and kill it.
In game, you have to use Windows input mode in Keyboard settings (first option), and that's it!
For me it works MAGIC driving, flying, and parachuting, and my toaster is slow enough that the 1 pixel up/down jitter doesnt bother me at all. Sometimes the game does autocenter once in a while (like it would skip a heartbeat of that script), but you can fix it by using a lower number of milliseconds, say 400 instead of 900.
ALSO, this fix works absolutely awesome combined with San Andreas-style Plane camera mod and the No Turbulence mod !!! First one prevents the camera from rolling with the plane (keeps horizon horizontal) and the second one eliminates the idiotic unrealistic wind effect jerking the plane!
Have fun, turtle barnstorm painkiller skyfall skydive :D
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