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[Spoilers] Unfortunate Heist Failure


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The Prison Break


I just recently picked up GTA V for PC, mostly for the online experience. So naturally when a couple of my friends decided to pick it up as well, I was uber excited since I would have a core group of friends to do heists with. Score! Once the game launched I transferred my old 360 character over and started getting everything ready. I bought snacks to replenish my health during the heists. I picked up a shiny new bulletproof helmet to avoid unwelcome deaths. I got a mumble server up and running. Everything was ready, so we started playing the first big heist last weekend, The Prison Break.
I had an absolute blast playing the heist. It was exactly what I was looking for in a GTA online experience. My friends and I spent a couple of hours getting used to the setup missions and learning what to do and how to do it. Where the best spots were and how to orchestrate the smoothest victory in the shortest amount of time. By about one in the morning we were finally ready to take on the heist finale. Our time had come! I decided to fly the plane while my other two friends went into the prison to take on the guards. Since we had never done this before, we failed a couple of times, but nothing bad. It basically got down to me repetitively getting in my plane, flying to the landing area, the prison group would die and I'd restart the whole process.
Now this process went on for a good hour. I don't know whether it was just us being tired, or if we were just in some sort of funk that night, but we just could not get it done. We took a moment and collected ourselves before relaunching the heist. We went over the battle plan again so that we all knew what we were supposed to do. We put our game faces on and decided to take one last crack at it for the night. I went and grabbed my plane and did my regular duties. The prison group entered the prison and started taking care of business. The demolitions person got the buzzard helicopter and got in position. After flying around for awhile my heart started to race as the prison group was executing everything with precision and skill. At last I heard them yell, "Ok! Now get to the van! Let's get out of here!" At last!
I started my approach to the airstrip. It suddenly dawned on me that we had never made it this far, so we needed to be very careful with every decision we made from this point on. So I cautiously landed at the Sandy Shores Airfield and taxied to the end of the runway. I saw that the prison group was inbound with a butt load of angry police officers and SWAT team members. In preparation, I turned the plane around for a quick take off. The group jumped out of the armored car and into the plane. Showtime! Right then a police helicopter crashed right in front of the plane and blocked my path as I was taking off. The plane was taking fire and I knew I had to get in the air or we were done for. I skirted around the burning husk of the helicopter on the right side of the runway, clipping my wings a bit in the process. But regardless, I pulled up and we began our ascent. Yes! We might actually do this! I carefully headed towards the yellow waypoint on my radar and avoided being spotted by anymore police helicopters while the buzzard mopped up the remaining forces. Then that familiar sound of losing your wanted level. Ahhh. So gratifying.
We all started laughing and smiling and looking forward to the epic amounts of cash and experience we were going to get in a few short seconds. We hit the cutscene where the man from the prison that was rescued takes control of the plane and we all bail out. We were airborne. All of us, plummeting towards our landing spot on the beach just a few hundred feet below. The group deployed their parachutes and I instructed everyone to spread out so that we didn't hit each other or get tangled up. We made sure to stay away from the rocks and land just a short distance out in the ocean in order to ensure a soft landing even if our parachutes failed at lower altitudes. Splash down! We were in the water. The buzzard had landed on the beach at this point and we were all but home free. All of a sudden, a horrible sinking feeling. On the bottom left of my screen popped the words that one of my teammates had died. On the bottom right of my screen our team lives was already at 0 remaining. Immediately my friend started screaming "NO! NOOOO!" We had failed. Right there! That close to freedom! All we had to do was swim about 10 or 20 feet to shore, get into the helicopter, and head towards the city.
Apparently what had happened was my friend realized as he hit the water, that he had never actually been in the water before on the PC version of the game. Therefore, he knew none of the swimming controls. He tried to adapt and figure them out since, "how hard could it be?". But alas, in the short amount of time that he had before drowning, he simply panicked and could not get the right combination of tilting up, and swimming forward. Just as he saw his last drop of health deplete, was when he screamed aloud to the rest of us. It was a little after two in the morning at this point. We were demoralized, exhausted, and after getting so close to the end and failing, just didn't have it left in us to try it again. So after hours of game time, getting so close to the end, it all ended in failure. Crushing, humbling failure.
However, the next night we came back and after only two tries, finished the heist and got our payout. It really was such a memorable experience for a first heist! But I will say, no matter how prepared you are, no matter how well you think you know all of the big parts of the objective, you can always succumb to the simple little problems that arise. Shift + S everyone! Shift + S.


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Great story!


Yeah, I love the heists despite all the problems we've had since launch. R* really did knock this DLC outta the park. And it was FREE!!!!!


But, you are correct. I've been all through the heists except for the last heist finale with the same crew mates. We just COULD NOT get to the jump no matter what we did. At least one of us would get killed by the police every stinking time. Unfortunately, all of my crew mates got bored and are now playing other games. HOPEFULLY one day I can get with some guys and finish that damn finale. lol

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It was on normal!


If you press lb and rb on xb1 the parachute landings are smoother, there will be a pc button to do this


Nice post well written




the prisoner can buy a gun before entering the prison

Edited by Ezekeil2Ofive17
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Thanks for reading guys! Good tip about the prisoner buying a gun as well. I wasn't sure if that would be bad to walk into the prison with a gun or not.

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