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Dunce World / Bad Sport


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So I play a lot in the game world, lots of killing players... loooots of killing players (creeping up to my 5,000th player kill) so inevitably a few vehicles (ok lots) get blown up along the way.


I was thrown in dunce world on the Xbox 360 version quite easily, but it has taken from the xbox one release until now for that to happen to me again.


What I have noticed is that I now cannot find any populated game worlds, which begs the question, how hard is it to get into dunce world? Judging by there being no one to play with, quite hard? and have I managed to be one of the few d***heads to achieve this?


Anyway, if anyone has any sensible answers on the limits to hit the criteria of the punishment, it would be interesting to know. Is it a running total? monthly? so many vehicle destructions a week then punished? I mean I have played pretty hard and violent, so was starting to think you couldn't get into dunce world at all until the ban hammer came down on me this week.



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They've made it a lot harder to get into the BS Lobby on next gens. It's basically impossible now unless you destroy about 50-60 PV's within one ingame day.


However, if you want to get into more populated lobbies then you've got three options.

1) Just Keep jumping from sessions to sessions, you'll find one eventually

2) Reset your router if possible

3) Go into your system settings and set your NAT type to open (I'm not very good with computers, so it may not be NAT type, but it's some kind of option under network settings.)


So yeah, destroy lots of cars as quickly as possible and you should get there, if that's what you want.

Edited by Ezza.
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Oh I don't WANT to get in there, but I got in there this week and was a little surprised.

I genuinely must have destroyed 50-60 cars in a day then.

Thanks for the info!

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