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PC Garage Bug.


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So I just found a fun bug, let me lay it out.


I'm driving around in my Coquette Classic and I see a Deamon Motorcycle on the street. I think to myself "sweet, I haven't had one in a while and I have a free slot in one of my garages!" So I leave my Coquette on the street and get on this motorcycle. I drive it to my garage with the empty slot and I pull it in. Bike saves, no problems... Until. I walk outside and I pull out my phone to call the mechanic and request my Coquette at my location. I go into the menu and select the garage where I store the Coquette, only there is no Coquette classic listed there. In it's place is the Deamon Motorcycle. This can't be right! So while I'm still in the mechanic's menu I pull up the property that I had just stored the Deamon in and there it is again!


...Here is where it get's extra f*cked.


Not wanting to loose my fully modded Coquette Classic I head back to where I left it on the street, it's still there and I can still get into it. Sweet! Crisis averted! Kind of. Kind of because after I drive it back to where the car is supposed to be stored, I again walk outside and call my mechanic. I pull up the property where my Deamon should be stored and in it's place is a Coquette Classic! So sweet I just found a bug that lets me dupe expensive ass vehicles! Only I didn't! Because when I call the car to me, guess what happens!? The Coquette is taken from both slots! They appear to be linked now somehow. Slot number four at Weazel Plaza, 70 and slot number five at Unit 2 Popular St are now apparently one vehicle slot according to my game. I can't sell one because it will also sell the other. I can't replace one because it will also replace the other.


f*cking great.



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So the cars from both slots are somehow linked to each other? Lol thats some weird sh*t... Illuminati confirmed?

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What if you move one of them to another garage? Or blow one up (for insurance)?

Edited by RogerWho
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What if you move one of them to another garage? Or blow one up (for insurance)?


Wouldn't work. If I'm standing on the street outside of Unit 2 popular St and I call in my Coquette from Weazel Plaza it will appear on the street, but then if I turn around and walk back into Unit 2 Popular street the vehicle is missing from there as well. Whenever I take the car out it empties both slots. I don't think I actually have two Coquettes I think it's just the single car somehow saved in both slots.




Not fixed.

Edited by WHAT!?


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So this is still a problem. When I logged back in my second Coquette was gone and, whatever that's fine. Now my wife is having the issue on her account. Just today she stole a Picador off of the street and drove it into her empty garage only to find that the garage was not empty. There was a duplicate Picador placed in her garage. When she steps outside to call the Mechanic the car is emptied from both slots. The game is saving a single vehicle in multiple slots! She sold the Picador hoping that would resolve the problem, but it didn't. After leaving LSC she spotted a Futo and decided to try placing that into the same garage. She has never owned a Futo, yet when she drove it in the game once again saved it in duplicate slots. There is one Futo taking up three slots in her 10 car garage.


Am I seriously the only one that is experiencing this?


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(sh*t double post... accident).


Just confirmed that exiting GTA V and then reloading GTA Online gets rid of the single vehicle showing up in multiple slots. However I don't know if this is severe enough that it will overwrite vehicles if you are not so fortunate as to have this happen in an empty 10 car garage.

Edited by WHAT!?


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