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Fastest way of grinding RP & Money?


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Many of the tutoriales con the web are outdated tips or risky glitches.

What us the best activity with best Money/Time balance?

Or, is there an easy and actual way of grinding?


I know thus game I for fun and play everything you want and enjoy playing, but I want to enjoy playing, with style ;)

(More car customizations, more weapons, aesthetics, etc)

Oh god, too many spelling errors.

Sorry about that.

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Heists if you have the time. Fleeca is great, throw in some contact missions in between runs. And just play the game and have FUN!

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I know this wasn't the response you were hoping to see, but literally playing the game gets you enough RP and Cash to make it grind-able.


Over a year ago there were only a few jobs that were replayed thousands of times by players until R* finally made it so that all jobs give you consistent rewards to grind for hours.


As CH3STNUT said above, if you're looking for some cash then enjoy some of the Heists.. the first one is the quickest out of the other 4.

You can also do a few jobs, some popular ones are "Defender" because you don't waste your own precious ammo but instead use a Buzzard for the entire mission, not to mention as soon as you're ready to replay it.. you'll spawn right in front of the Buzzards again.


A personal favorite of mine was grinding "Crystal Clear Out III" because on my first try I just called in a Buzzard from Pegasus which they deliver a block away at Sandy Shores Airfield, from there I sit on it for almost 2 minutes and then head to the FARTHEST objective and work my way backwards because if you manage to destroy the final objective near the airfield, the Buzzard will actually respawn back at the airfield without having to call Pegasus again. Clearing the mission in 5-6 minutes will net you $10K I believe which was good enough for me, more importantly I wasn't wasting my own ammo.


Another one is "Trash Talk" while it's not really that fast of a mission, you can earn a lot and make it easier on yourself by using a Buzzard.. all you have to do is destroy trucks and targets and you'll see a paycheck of $12,000 - $20,000 depending on how long you take (It's advisable to not take the longest since you can earn a bit more money than you waiting 10+ minutes on back to back jobs)


A popular one that was around for quite a while now (and is probably still being used right now) is the job "Blow Up II" on hard, get a Tank and park it near the objectives (which is to blow up the cars on the parking lot) get in the Banshee and then park it somewhere safe, perhaps in an alleyway across the street. Blow up the vehicles and then get in the tank and start rampaging.. blowing up cop vehicles and cops in every direction for about 20 minutes or so.

When you've finally had enough, simply lose the cops and deliver the car to Simeon.. you'll net about $20,000 + 9,000 RP or so.


And a few others, best of luck dude and enjoy it.. playing with friends constantly or public activities will have you ranking up and earning money without even noticing it.

Edited by Johan

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