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Are trevor and lamar the most overrated characters in the gta series?

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Trevor does Speed. Do you really expect him, a mentally deranged individual hopped up on drugs with all sorts of emotional problems and a history of abuse, to be consistent? I mean really. Its not as if they didnt lay it out for you that this character would be balls deep bat sh*t crazy the moment you met him. If anyone is crazy its people expecting him to be 'consistent' or as stable as the other protagonists.

I've never done speed, but how the hell does a man who's on drugs all the time, drive? And fly?


The body builds up tolerance to drugs and alcohol. Eventually you can become functional when under the influence and not even be noticeable.


When I was younger I used to smoke weed. A lot. Eventually I got to the point I was working while high and nobody could tell. :3


I don't do that anymore because, you know, I adulted and stuff, but yeah. You get used to things over time when you do them enough.



As for overrated? Lamar.. I thought was barely anything to rate. <.< He was like.. a supporting character that I barely noticed. Even when he was relevant.


Trevor? I love Trevor. As a functioning adult (you know, not a kid ;)). I dig crazy. It's also a little over the top which takes it outside the realm of the typical boring GTA series protagonists. Seriously, they've all been essentially the same 'bottom-feeder to the top' template with different backgrounds. <.<


Trevor is a bottom feeder, not caring to get ahead. And he reminds me a little of the movie American Psycho so that is a little appealing. 3. And he's Canadian. So. Boner for that. :D


Considering the amount of bitching and hate on these forums for the character I'd hardly call him 'overrated'.

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No, Trevor and Lamar is not overrated, and yes CJ. I hate CJ, because he has high emotional complexity, opportunism and intolerance extremely high, and low self-esteem very high.

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Gta v dont have a good characters as ryder, smoke, rosenberg, cesar and more in sa. Lance, ken, love fist, phill, umberto in vc. 8 ball, all leone members, kenji, asuka in III. And packie, brucie, mori, tony, yusuf, jim, roman, stubbs and much more in gta iv.


But in GTA V we only have lamar, lester and michaels stupid family. And also michaels fib dudes.


so thats why gta v needs lamar. And trevors crazy desert life

Edited by GroveStGTAV

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I don't think 'overrated' is even the right word for any situation. Because when you say that, you basically mean 'all those people enjoy <subject name here> much more than they should', and that's, well, kind of over-confident.

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No. Lamar is not even overrated he's just a meme. Trevors character on the other hand is actually really well written and is the most disturbed and interesting character in the series.

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