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[PC] Specters X - Professional Heists


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“Spectres are not trained, but chosen. Individuals forged in the fire of service and battle—those whose actions elevate them above the rank and file.”

Specters X - The 10th detachment of Special Tactics and Reconnaissance

Salutations! We have acknowledged your intentions of joining our Spec-Ops branch. Let's check a few things and see if you have what it takes. Perhaps you shall be chosen. But first a small introduction:

This crew relies on skill, technique, stealth and precision, not on overwhelming numbers. We are looking for a select few with a mature attitude and a strive for perfection. We will be aiming for the most prestigious achievements and awards (which will also Reward you heavily) and we will do so with reliable, persistent and ambitious people.

What we can offer:

- Protection - We take care of our own and do not take kindly to external threats. We are willing to expend all our military and economic assets to get revenge. !Note - this won't be true if you are the one initiating the conflict! Teamkilling will not be tolerated!

- The possibility to achieve every award in the game (based on team scenarios) - We can offer you the skilled manpower to take on the hardest missions and challenges.

- Tactics for every Heist and Elite Heist challenges, including first person. - You will get millions of dollars after a run of all the heists.

- A place to relax - Anyone is welcome to blow off some steam at our High-End apartments.

- Crew challenges.

- Military ranks.

- Military equipment.

- Armored transportation.

- The ability to raise in ranks.

- Imposing Colors.

- Imposing Logo.

Now, the question is: What can you offer us ? Feel free to add more, but here is a list of what we are looking for in one of our agents (We might bend the rules for exceptional applications):

- Mature player (preferably aged 18+)

- Teamplayer - Collaborate with crewmembers. Play as a team, cover each other, help each other.

Plan 2 steps ahead of your opponents.

- Respect others - You are entitled to your own opinion, we will take it into consideration every single time, but respect the decision of people in higher ranking. Also, do not engage in verbal insults with crewmembers.

- Persistence - if at first you fail, try and try again. We don't like people who give up too easily. Remember we will aim for some of the hardest achievements ingame.

- A decent PC and internet connection that will allow you to play fluently. It makes a huge difference when you have to make split-second decisions.

- A microphone and preferably a headset along with the voip software agreed on. (currently skype) - All the more elaborate missions (heists) will only be done with voip.

Although we will be taking things seriously at time in the game, that doesn't mean we are majorly strict. We intend to have fun, just that our idea of fun is to have it with skilled, mature people.

Further crew information:

Exclusive GTA V Online PC Crew

Soldier Type Crew

Crew Tag - STRX

Crew color - UV Purple


01-10 Private

11-20 Corporal

21-30 Sergeant

31-40 Sergeant Major

41-50 Liutenant

51-60 Commander

61-70 Captain

71-80 Commando

81-90 Specialist

91-100 Specter

Think you can manage? Let us know and we will test you out.

Contact us on socialclub.

Recruitment IDs:

Leader - Deceptionrogue - http://socialclub.ro...deceptionrogue/

Commisioner - Mr.Xtazy - http://socialclub.ro...ember/mr.xtazy/

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i enjoy this game and take my killing very seriously. i dont follow rules however. level 344, 5.06k/d, 34,500 player kills. no jets, no tanks, no cheating. yep. i thought so. and no, im not looking for a crew. I run my own.

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