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Can someone help me Improve my GTA performance?


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As the tile says, can you guys help me configure my settings to improve me game performance, my rig is still pretty capable if a little old. I should be getting better fps but right now its about 22-30 fps in the city and 25 fps in the countryside. Plus there is a lot of stutter when I'm driving slowly, any help would be appreciated. The settings I play on are down below too.




(I have the latest optimization Drivers installed from AMD)


My settings ksOagmh.jpg










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Keep High Detail Streaming while Flying on but turn down all the sliders under the Advanced Graphics options

Also, turn down the Reflection MSAA a bit.

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Turn down your Reflection MSAA.

Lower your Grass quality, it takes a big toll on performance.

And turn down your advance settings, they are for extremely powerful setups.

Edited by umairbasit
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thanks guy for the help, I'm going to configure my settings accordingly then update my post .

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Link to an optimization guide in sig. Worked really well for me

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if those were ur current temps when you took those screen shots.


90c is the highest you want the cpu to get. getting too hot

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turn off ALL msaa and everything under advanced graphics. leave textures/shaders/shadows on very high. everything else can go down to high/normal. turn off post fx if you need more fps. set soft shadow to soft. tessellation/AO can be set at normal as there isn't any reason to go higher.

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