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San Andreas Mounted Police (PC)


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Welcome to the San Andreas Mounted Police! We are a police clan dedicated to providing a good mixture of realism and fun. The clan was originally founded in March of 2010 by myself and a few others have have helped bring the clan along the way. We eventually went on to be (at one point) the largest police clan on GTA IV on the 360. The former LCMP will now be returning as SA:MP on GTA V PC. We look forward to seeing you on the field. Browse through the website and become informed then register and submit and application on the forum! :)


This was just a quick test we did a couple of days ago. Not focused on following protocols/codes or anything here:



Patrols in the mean time will be focused on Route 68 and North of that.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask! :)

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According to the pinned rules, please provide a RockStar Social club link. If you do not provide this the thread will be locked.


Thank you,




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You've been asked once by staff to provide a link to your crew on the Social Club, I'd highly suggest you get it edited into your original post immediatly unless you want this thread locked.

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We don't have an official R* crew. We're just an RP clan and figured this would've been the most appropriate place to post it. We operate via the clan forums and website and just figured this would be a good place to try and recruit some new members.

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Well alas you need that link to post a thread here. If anything just create one real quick, invite who you need to invite and post up the link. I would also advise you post a thread in our Crews/Gangs Section but we emphasize that the group be run from these forums so you're kinda f*ck outta luck there as well.


Regardless just go make a crew real quick and get that link, you'll likely find that having your members apart of a crew will help in your roleplays as well as general gameplay.

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Sorry I'm not making a R* SC crew. It really isn't worth it tbh. This is a recruitment section and that's what I'm doing, just not using SC.

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