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INIT D3D crash fixed


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after the update i suddenly had those crashes. a few steps later i found the reason:


it only happens when i directly load into ONLINE. so i always choose story mode and enter via character wheel.


also when i change settings that force a restart it'll only crash when i do it in online (because it restarts the game into online again).



i5 2500 @4.1Ghz (with the standard 3.3 ghz the fps with those settings were 35 fps)


r9 280 3gb






very high/ultra msaa:off, shadows, softest: 50 - 60 fps (probably drops to 40-45 when something odd is happening) but its still a buggy thing. refreshreates sometimes forget what they are set to after alt tabbing. and i have the feeling that playing around with a setting after game loading makes it better...







i didnt look into every thread to check if this d3d chrash issue is being dicussed. i just found out what causes it for me and wanted to share!

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for me it crashes only when i OC my graphics card even only 10 Mhz, i saw windows logs, and it occurs when driver stops responding, maybe due to beta drivers? i`m using R9 270 btw.

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found out that i have grass quality on high and i do seem to have drops to 40-45 at some points... not sure what it is. maybe foliage mixed with shader and shadows are causing it.


i probably could eliminate those drops by reducing either shaders or shadows or both, but i rather wait for patches and driver updates before i waste hours of tuning. i am now relativly maxed except for grass (high) but i guess i could change it to very high with no noticable difference.


anyway, the d3d error is still gone.

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