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Shoulder Swap Request (please up it)


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Dear fellow GTA V/Online players/fans,


I've just posted a request on the Rockstar support page concerning the lack of the shoulder swap control, i.e. a control that lets you swap between a right shoulder camera view and a left shoulder camera view. I've included a detailed description and my reasons in the support thread and I'd really like you, if you agree with me, to take a few minutes, log in to the Rockstar support page, if not already done, and up my thread so it might finally get enough attention to make a change. Also I ask you to share the support thread or also this thread to as many people as possible, because with a 10-upvote-thread we probably won't move anything.


Here is the support thread link: https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/communities/public/questions/203679027-Request-Shoulder-Swap


If you also want this feature, please don't think about whether your single vote will have any impact at all or doubt that this will be successful - just upvote it.


Thank you very much for reading and, in case, for upvoting.

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like uncharted?...oh yes, ill vote

err how do I upvote, it just says add a question

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People like you... are the reason my support ticket is taking days to get figured out....


Jk good call OP.

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I just want my character to use guns with his left hand. It always annoys me as a lefty that most games force right handedness on characters. Kinda like in life I guess lol

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I suppprt this!


It was a great thing back in Red Dead Redemption. Can't believe they took it out.


BTW: Did you send a email to their suggestion email already? If not I recommend you do so!

Edited by UltimateAntic
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Man, suggestions almost never happen, when have you heard of a DLC or things that a person comes up with and rockstar using it, it never happens, and small simple things like this, they still won't do it.

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Well yeah, I will send them the e-mail, but I hardly believe nobody suggested this before me as the game is already 1½ years old and if someone already suggested it they apparently ignored it. So I thought we should make a big thing of this before, because that is, if any, the only signal big companies such as Rockstar notice.


Up to now four upvotes, which is weird, because six of those already came from other friends of mine. Give it a try, guys.

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Yea, I've been in a lot of situations where a shoulder-swap button would have been in favor; mainly looking straight down at opponents from a rooftop. Can't believe there isn't a functionality to have it in V.

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