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New browser based chat program seeking testers/feedback

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Hey all,

I'm still relatively new to GTA5 but I LOVE playing online games with my friends and coordinating together during our shenanigans. I work for a large company and we recently had an internal "Innovation Contest" to come up with new ideas. Successful projects have come from these types of internal brainstorming sessions, but almost always these have been enterprise and business oriented. Which got me and some of my co-workers thinking, why not try a different approach? As gamers, we all had a problem with the current crop of voice chat solutions. The established apps have become aged and bloated. Many of the newcomers never really delivered on what they promised.

The result of this thinking was wRekt: our new, browser based voice chat for gamers that runs on our existing infrastructure. We think we're different because we could potentially be backed by the large tech company we work for, if we demonstrate to our execs that there is enough interest.

We've built a basic alpha version and need your feedback to grow and add features.

Our site: https://wrekt.me/

How to stay updated:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WrektMe
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wrektme
Mailing list: Here

Also, we're running a giveaway until the end of April, if you need additional incentive!


How it works:
  1. Log in to wRekt using social sign in (we plan to add e-mail sign up, we only collect your name and e-mail though).
  2. Create a new room.
  3. Send the generated link to your friends to invite them into the room.
  4. Chat!
Why we're different:
  • No downloading - browser based
  • No server required - we host everything
  • Completely free
  • Fast - You're logged in and chatting in moments
  • wRekt is not WebRTC based like many of the recent attempts at new browser-based voice chat have been. There is fully dedicated infrastructure mixing the audio, and sending/receiving the streams.
  • Our infrastructure can support many concurrent users with no user impact.
What do we need / how can you help?:
  • We need to grow our current user base. We work on this project in our free time and have gotten it this far, but we do not yet have the proper resources to take this thing to the next level. We have upcoming meetings with our execs where, if we can prove that there is enough interest, our request for additional resources will hopefully be granted.
  • We need your feedback!! We want to know what features are the most demanded among voice chat users. There are the obvious features that we would like to add next, but the more data we can gather, the better. There is a dedicated form within wRekt ("Tell us how we're doing" link) or you can reply here.
What's in it for you?
  • We intend to provide some sort of perks for our most dedicated early users if and when our project takes off. This is obviously a long way out, but we have discussed possibilities and fully intend to reward our early supporters somehow, when we are able to.
  • You try it first! You will be the first to test new features and see changes as they happen.
  • You get to support a group of dedicated gamers like yourselves! The entire group working on this project is made up of gamers. In addition to GTA5 we play LoL, CS, CoC, TF2, and Far Cry 4, among other games.
What else should you know?

As mentioned earlier... this is a basic version of what we ultimately hope to achieve. You may encounter bugs. You may find certain features lacking. With your help and input, though, we will hopefully be able to evolve into something great!

So that's it. Thank you all in advance!

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You hiring, nigga?

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You hiring niggas?

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Isn't teamspeak free?

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Isn't teamspeak free?


Yeah. Requires download though.


@OP: Cool concept! I can see potential beyond just gaming. Getting everyone on the same app for voice chat/team calls (Skype vs. Hangout vs. Lync vs. whatever vs. conference call) is a pain.


Why go for gaming specifically?

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ghost of delete key



LOL Your tl;dr is 10 times longer than the overview :p


Seems interesting, will take a peek.



Why go for gaming specifically?


Actually, this might even be more useful for NON-gaming applications; I can see how conferencing through a browser that is (ostensibly) already a part of the system would help reduce the app clutter in your workspace, especially if video presentation or desktop sharing features are not needed (like TeamSpeak or LogMeIn). I'm guessing you have support for the other major browsers on your development roadmap? If history tells us anything, it's that pigeonholing yourself to one browser or platform is not the strongest option for adoption or growth. Just a thought.

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Will your team devolop an compatible android application?. Most of my social media usage is via cell phone.

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