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Looking For TEAM Members


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Looking to join a real professional gta5 role-play group? Try signing up for G.P.O.A. We are a professional group of players made from real
fire/EMS/police and National Guard along with active military personal. The list as follows is how to join G.P.O.A.

1) Must be 16+

2) Must have or get ZELLO (zello is a walkie talkie app for pc and cell phones we use it to communicate to one another with, If you have never used or heard of zello the app is free to download and is always virus free.)

3) Once you get ZELLO look for a channel called G.P.O.A. TEAM RECUIT DIVISION to fill out your application.

We at G.P.O.A. work at a TEAM we do not call our self a (clan).. We are a TEAM..
If you are tired of all these other groups not being active or professional we at G.P.O.A. are opening our doors to new members.

We at G.P.O.A. operate on PS3 PS4 XBOX360 XBOX1 PC & ZELLO


We do not beat around the bush, We try to be as real as the game will allow us..


G.P.O.A. is a non-profit organization we are not just a role-play team. We do give out education for people that are interested in it in real life.


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You need a social club link.


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We at G.P.O.A. don't give out our social club info until the person is accpted into G.P.O.A. due to our new G.P.O.A. 2015 copyright reasons.


The only way to get our info from R*SC is after they get accpted.

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