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PS4 - Suicide Queens LS is now recruiting!


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We are a new crew in PS4 looking to recruit fun-loving mature players. Join today and be one of the founding members!


Who we want:

-Preferably 18+ years old.

-Active, skilled PS4 players with mics.

-Female characters (you do not need to be a woman, just your character).


What we want:

-Complete missions, heists, daily challenges, etc. as a crew.

-Help each other out in any way we can.

-Have fun, light role play (think of the Suicide Queens as a cross between La Femme Nikita and Suicide Squad).


How can you join:

-Contact Broken__Wolf (two underscores) on PSN.

-Send a friend request to Wolf_310 (one underscore ;]) on Social Club.

-Post a reply here with your PSN ID so we can find you.

-Follow the link (thanks, Ciaran):




Edited by Wolf310
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You need a social club link.


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Suicide Queens LS is still recruiting!


We are a new PS4 crew looking to boost our ranks. The only requirements at the moment are:


-Own a mic

-Have a female character


We plan on doing dailies, missions and heists as a crew. If the new recruits turn out to be skilled enough, we will definetly try to complete the hardest heist challenges.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Suicide Queens is still growing and still recruiting!


Join us if you like to play with light-hearted people, who are always willing to help out.

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