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GTA V shuts down my computer


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Hey there.


I first started playing GTA V this morning. The game has been running smoothly on lower setting and I had no problems with it except an occasional FPS drop. I first started exploring the world - I played for about 2 hours and everything was fine. I then started playing the storyline missions.


When I reached the mission where Frankling must enter Michael's house though, after I stole the car, my computer just shut down a minute later. Then on the same mission, the computer shut down again. I turned autosave on and quickly passed the mission by skipping the cutscenes. The problem was not in this mission though, but in ALL storyline missions after that. At one side mission, bandits were robbing the barber's shop and I played as Michael. You had to chase them down and retreive the stolen money. After I did that, in the cutscene where Michel returns the money, my computer shut down again.


After I play a while the missions, my computer would just shut off after about 5-10 minutes. It happens with almost every mission after Franklin got into Michael's house. It happens during missions, during cutscenes, etc. It keeps shutting off when I play for a while ANY mission! It once shut off after I tried to simply load a game!


Right now it's impossible to play for even 10 minutes without the computer shutting down by itself (it shut down over 10 times already). I guess that my computer overheats. I've never had similar problems with any game before (the most recently released game I played other than GTA V was Watch Dogs) :(


(strangely enough I can't play GTA IV properly even with lowest settings, but GTA V runs PERFECTLY, except for the shut downs)



I googled this and I saw that other people had similar problems, but no solution as of yet. Has anyone had a similar problem with the computer shutting down? How do you fix it?


My specs:



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Are you using the APU or a dedicated graphics card?


If dedicated, what card do you have?


Have you installed the latest AMD beta drivers?

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Also, if you believe it's due to overheating you can download a program like Speccy to check the temperature of your components.


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