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Unable to connect to friends or crew.


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I would be curious to know just how widespread this problem is within the community. From looking around here it would appear it is only me, every member of our crew and all of our friends that are afflicted with this fail. Why there is not a great big long thread with a million posts being furiously updated by the second complaining about this big fat elephant in the room perplexes me.


Since heists dropped it has been virtually impossible to join with crew or friends from in-game by any "normal" means (ps4 by the way. Don't think ps3 is quite so hopelessly broken for some reason). Over the games history we have all from time to time, as individuals and as a group, had our issues with connectivity. Sometimes resolved at our end (reset router/clear cache/yada/yada) or, more often, patch fixed from R*'s end.


On this occasion however, since every member of our crew across the globe has, to a greater or lesser degree, been affected by the simple inability to invite friends or crew to anything at all, I am prone to believe the issue is very widespread indeed. If so, I gaurantee, if R* don't fix it, the online game will die in very short order. Discuss....or not. I'm easy.

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I switch console off then on again that fixes it for me

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Not really freedomna. For myself and pretty much everyone in the crew, friends and crew will all show up as "send invites (disabled)" even if they are online. We are generally not having problems with emptying lobbies etc that are mentioned in that thread but cannot invite any of our friends or crew mates to a session or event directly. We have taken to messaging on psn to notify each other of an event and joining the hosts session from there. Nothing in game works to get us connected.

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