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[PC] The Black Tiger SYN - RP/Heists/Jobs/Inexperienced Player Friendl


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The Black Tiger Syndicate is an RP friendly crew that enjoys taking part in heists, jobs, and all aspects of the game. We're looking for like minded, fun loving adults to play with. We're a small, long-standing group of friends looking for some more to join us in this immersive world.


We don't care if you suck, we're just playing to have some fun, and if at all possible, set up a bit of role play. For the most part, we are all adults in our twenties or older. We have and utilize Teamspeak 3 as a means of communication.


As fun loving and carefree as we are, we still have a few rules and requirements.


1. No racism/political/religious/sexist/sexual orientation/gender nonsense. If you're an offensive person who gets on my nerves...Well, we're just not going to work out.


2. You must be at least 18 years of age to join up with us. We curse like sailors, we are adults and frequently use adult language and humor.


3. Teamspeak and the ability to speak is a requirement due to the nature of heists. Though, not during role play, if this becomes plausible at all.


4. Win or lose, we're having fun. Don't finger point at anyone or bring someone down because they died during a heist. We all have our bad moments.


5. The ability to speak and understand English is a must. We are an international group, but you have to be able to speak English to join.


Contact Information:


You can message me on Steam, NorseKorean, the avatar is an image of bottle of Jameson Whiskey.


I look forward to meeting and playing with you all!


OH! Our group is international, so you can find at least someone on at all hours of the day. With more people joining up, I imagine we'll have a healthy spread of people available during all time zones.


http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/black_tiger_syn<-- Our social link.

Edited by NorseKorean
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Added the social link, sorry, forgot about that. Already attracting members! Just got through the initial heist set ups without any problems with new friends! Hope to meet more of you!

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