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No way to sell stolen cars?


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Okay I must be missing something... I am playing the story mode and I am not finding any way to sell cars, something that has been a staple to my GTA games in the past. How do I do it?


I saw some screen shot with the customs shop having a Sell button when you enter, but I never see that!


I am hoping to either get that to work or some kind of export dock ala gta 3 where they pay you for each car and load it on a ship - that was the best!


Also, why is the pay for regular crimes so little? People you mug on the street never carry more than $20, no matter how wealthy they look. Unless they just hit an ATM then they may have up to $100 or so. There are only a few stores to rob and they net only about $500. Then the armored cars, only $5000? What kind of armored car carries so little money!

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American Viking

No partner, you're spot on. There is absolutely no way to sell vehicles in GTA V, much to my dismay. No Brucie exports, no Stevie, not dock and crane exports, no nothing. I too liked the feature as it was a great way of getting a lot of money quickly.

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Selling vehicles is sadly only available on GTA Online... one of the many features exclusive there.


As for your second question, I'd say it's to balance things out a bit since they know how much money you need in order to possibly get everything there is in the game.. wouldn't want you to get it all quickly. That's just my opinion though.


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