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Heists Free Agents Topic [PC]

Recommended Posts

Solo Wing Pixy


Youtube Video Removed


Did you post this in the wrong thread or something? Your video was even made on PS4...



Hes one of those "don't forget to rape the subscribe/ like button" youtubers...


Coldblood, next time please post it in the video forums...

Edited by Solo Wing Pixy
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Hi all, dont have a Steam account for this game.

UN: ScissorPaperNuke

Level: 98

Mic: Available

I have done the heists randomly and with my friends and crew, but looking to fill out numbers to try out at the very least the same crew achievement and aim for the criminal mastermind achievement as well as the elite achievement.

Since I'm from AEST time, I'm primarily looking for players in that timezone or close to it available on the weekends, my weekdays are quite spotty to accomplish this.


If interest send me a message in game and we can discuss

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active time GMT 1500-2100 DAILY


looking for crew to complete heists with, hoping to have teammates that like to work as a team, communicating throughout heists (text is cool). Not very skillful but I'm a friendly player just looking for good fun.


Please add me [iD: babyass]

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SocialClub: BabyChris21

Level: 62

Mic: Yes


On the Prison Break finale. Usually playing between 7pm-12am EST

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30 yrs

Level 37ish

USA West timezone



Looking for decently skilled folks to play missions/heists with. Please add reason for invite so I don't think its spam :)


SocialClub: renaissance0321

Steam: Lord Nikahn

Edited by Renaissance0321
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Platform: PC
For hire
IGN: Rektify-
Rank: 122
KD: 1.80
Mic: yes
Communication: Skype, Steam Chat or ts3
Timezone: GMT +1
Language: Dutch and English

I mostly play when I got time. Midweek: afther 20:30 Weekend: ± Always.

Feel free to add me, see you ingame!

Edited by Rektify-
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Platform: PC

Social Club ID: BroodReaver

Rank: 120 (at least 1 rank per day)

Experience: Well experienced in every heists set-up and Finale, proficient in any roles.

Mic: Yes
Criminal Mastermind: I can play with you but I prefer players on the same timezone.

Hardware: I have Air, Land and Sea vehicles (Including military vehicles)
Clothing setting
: Player saved and Heavy combat gear.

Playing time: 4-8 Hours

I always try to play fast and efficient, I'm looking for serious heist players and looking to join heist oriented crews
If we started a Heist from the very beginning, I'm expecting us to finish till finale. I won't waste your time so don't waste mine.

Edited by BroodReaver
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R* User id: liamshelley

Current Rank 84

Solid PC with Mic headset and Cable internet connection so no risk of crash/disconnecting.


I'm bored of playing with randoms. Met some good people but ideally I'd like to join a crew that's looking to play the same way as me, i.e as a team. No hero/rambo sh*t. Ideally I would like to complete the loyalty challenge to.


I'm a player who has fun by playing seriously, so you won't see me doing too many stunt jumps in the middle of a heist or taking unnecessary risks, but I also don't like to take the Kuroma to every mission as it just get's boring. I enjoy playing any role, but consider myself a damn good pilot, chopper and plane, so always happiest taking up those roles.


I'm from the UK so on GMT (obviously) and only speak English. I play most days between 5:00-10:00pm with a break in the middle for food.

Edited by liamshelley
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R* ID - MindCorrupt

Rank - 47

Comms - mic and TS3

Experience - Nearly all the heists

Edited by MindCorrupt
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Looking for someone to do the Fleeca Job, all of the missions inside of the job. My RGSC is Palea_Pablo

Will split final cut 50/50 but is negotiable

I'm lvl 108

All weps except minigun

Edited by L337_Scrubs
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Looking for others to just heist and earn money.. bored of quitters, mainly text but can headset sometimes.


Rockstar Social Id : Outspaced636


Any heists, any position..

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(looking for heist Crew)

Social Club: bogdibog

Rank: 44

Age: 16

Mic: Yes

Free time: Almost everyday atleast 2 hours

Location: Germany


Completed all heists on Hard. Yes I am low Level but still I am good. I can do every role I don't really care. Add me on Social Club.

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rockstar id : beluuun

skype : th_oth

(can use team speak, of course)

lvl : 60+

timezone : GMT +1 (Zurich)


looking for heists, prefer to be the heli pilot

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PS3: Shubicidal


Specializing in the Fleeca Job- you get 60-70% I take the rest. I'm mainly after RP.


I prefer to help lower ranks who need a hand.


Time zone: USA Atlantic coast but on all hours


Put HEIST in the FR will help a couple of ya get some money and get going

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Hey lvl 85 looking for a group to play all the heists in order. I would prefer to have a group of experienced players with a mic so we can have good communication.


Social Club: kj.9716

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SocialClub ID: KelticKennedy

Skype ID: KelticKennedy

Steam Name: CelticKennedy


Level 110


Friendly player. Has mic. Have played through all the heists on console. Looking for a friendly chill group to play a bunch on PC. Good Pilot. Good Driver. All around good player.

Edited by KelticKennedy
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Willing to find membes just to complete all the heists on pc.

lvl 343

got a decent pc and NO headset

Social Club ID- prasanna_0803

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ID: CivilVaquisher

Rank: 113


I have completed all heist countless of times and I'm always available if anyone needs help. Good with any role.

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Lava Pilot

steam name: Lamborghini Aventador *Music*

rockstar: 2TheKingGLoL

skype: azmast1

I'm looking for people to do heists with or missions.

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Steam: TheAirsoft220


SocialClub ID: Airsoft220


Headset available and can use Skype & Teamspeak


I'd love to join anyone's heist group especially tomorrow when there will be double the money & RP for the second

Heist mission.


Lets get some cash together!

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Looking for an experienced crew to complete Criminal Mastermind with.


Social Club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/exde707

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ExDe707

Level: 61 (sufficient for grenade launcher)

Key weapons: AP pistol, assault shotgun, homing RL, grenade launcher

Experience with Heists: Completed all heists including setup.

Role: Almost any

Mic: Avaiable but I prefer to be silent.

Heavy armor outfit: Yes

Kuruma (armord): Yes


PM me on social club or add me on steam.

Edited by ExDe707
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Looking for people to play heists tonight.


PC, Polynoid, lvl 230, headset, Russian, German, English languages, everything needed for heists.

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Hey Guys,


We are looking for two guys to help us with the Prison Heist, and just in general two have some fun with in all kinds of mission.


But the Heist is in focus at first.


We are speaking on Teamspeak or Skype, whatever you guys prefer.


Social club name is "Kaffelurs" And "miniprut"


We are danish, but our English is fine.


We are both Lvl 25 but got alot more experience then that


My Steam account name is kaffelars88 write there for fast reply, we are game all night and day ;)

Edited by Kaffelurs
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Hello everyone,


We (2 players, levels 55 and 77) are looking for players to complete heists with (loyalty challenge and other challenges if we find committed players)

GMT+2 Timezone and we are online often during the week


We use teamspeak but can use Skype if needed

Socialclub ID: tkc.snail


Doesn't matter if you are low level but make sure you have the basics down and are capable (snacks, armour, flying aircraft, parachuting etc.)

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