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Heists Free Agents Topic [PC]

Recommended Posts


I'm new to GTA: Online but not to the series. Currently looking for 1-3 people that are willing to bring me along while I get the hang of this. I'm low level as of now, but I have a few thousand hours in team based shooters such as Team Fortress, Planetside 2 and Killing Floor so I know how to listen and follow instructions. I play this game on a high end rig (4770k, GTX 780, Samsung SSD) and a gigbit internet connection so you don't need to worry about any technical issues on my end holding anyone up. Anyways, if someone doesn't mind letting me tag along their heists while I get the hang of this, feel free to add me.


Social Club: Brim77


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I have a lot of experience doing heists and gta v in general, lvl 125 all guns full ammo and a full garage of custom cars.

Skype - BurnsyFTW

Social Club - TheDaveBurns

Steam - Burnsy

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Looking for a fourth. We are going for the Loyalty Challenge and the All In Order Challenge. We need someone that will be able to do 1-5 tonight. Preferably in the EST. Mic is required. Add me on Social Club and I will give you my Teamspeak server.


SC ID: xCiivL


Please do not be a really low level and please be mature.

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Steam: Beachgurl_Sk8


SC ID: BeAcHgUrL_Sk8

Edited by Beachgurl_Sk8
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Looking for adult (ideally 25+ years), experienced and professional yet patient players for online heists based in Europe.


I'm playing this on Rockstar Social Club (NOT Steam!)


Playing heists in order, as well as some achievement hunting would be a bonus but not essential.


Communication (headset) and teamwork a must.


Looking forward to making new online friends. :)

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Platform: PC

Steam: crazyauntlarry

Rockstar social ID: FadeToBolivia

Rank: 43


Location: US



Particularly enjoy flying planes/helicopters, but will fill in any slot.


Feel free to add me!

Edited by fadetobolivia
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The Alllstar

Platform - PC

Steam - The Alllstar

SC - The_Alllstar

Rank - 369

Mic - Yes

Time Zone - US CST usually on between 1PM-11PM


Only really interested in doing the 1st person heist reward and/or the Loyalty Challenge. It doesn't matter what difficulty or what role you'd want me to play.

Edited by The Alllstar
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El Oso Blanco

Platform - PC

Steam+Social Club - el_oso_blanc0

Rank - 200+


US EST time zone. Looking to do criminal mastermind but I'm available to do others until a suitable crew is found. :)

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ID: Optic_ock

Rank: 71

Mic: None, but I type fast. This whole post was done in like half a second, I promise.

Cars: Zentorno and armored Kuruma

Favorite Roles: Pilot, Turret Gunner, Demolition, Driver

Least Favorite Roles: Hacker, Ground Team, Prisoner/Guard

Current Heist Hosting: Series A Funding, Trash Trucks and beyond.


Lets make some money, help me get that Hydra jet.

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Platform: PC

Rank: 52

Social club name: LimpingStomach

Location: Queensland, Australia


I need to do CM, First person, All heists in order.

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Steam: Lord_Beast


Socialclub: azzarn


Skype: viktorkaliff123


Mic: Yes


I'm from Sweden but can talk with no problems.


Rank: 167


Role: I'ma good gunner but can do all roles.


I'm an active and friendly player who have played the most hiest but looking for a group to complete some challenges. I can do the most things in a hiest, send an inv on skype or socialclub if you havea team or looking to build one! :)

Edited by azzarn
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PC: Mizanurification

Timezone: IST

Rank: 62


Did all the heists as leader. Wanna attempt Criminal Mastermind Challenge. Add me up with a message. Online whole day today.


Need one more proper guy with skype (optional)

Edited by Mizanurification
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Rank 26 (new account)

Social Club: alexbeast13

Age: 18

Mic: Yes

Good with a gun, behind the wheel, anything.

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Rockstar ID: Sk8er100100

position: Any

Headset+Mic: yep

Skype: sk8er100100

currently on series A and desperately trying to find people to help on setups! getting a full 4 seems a nightmare.... if you've helped on the setup then I'll give you a 20% cut of finale; yes I'll host :)

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RGSC: LumpyCustard

Level: 121

Skills: Driving and gunning - Able to fly (controller) as well but don't really enjoy it

Headset / Mic: Yes (Vent/Mumble/TeamSpeak... and Skype, but not preferred)


Looking for a group of high level players to run heists on hard difficulty and attempt criminal mastermind. Can handle myself in a gunfight and i've got situational awareness.

Edited by Ramzy
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We need a fourth player for heists. We are a team of 3 level 100+ players looking to complete heists. If your going to be a wimp and quit after 5 minutes, don't add me. If you can complete a heist as a team player, add me on SC - RJ31337

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If someone is online right now, we need a fourth one.
Add me up on RSSC: Mizanurification

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Online right now and need a 4th. We are a crew of 3 with levels 137, 115 and 104 looking to play through multiple heists. No timewasters.


Social Club:- RJ31337

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Rank: 60

Social Club: nsaine_

Age: 25

Mic: Yes

Looking for decent players to do heists with, takes hours to complete heists with randoms, sick of getting people that can't understand english :(

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Social club:ElementaryFM



I am 118 level.Currently im doing humane labs.Im only accepting 30+ levels

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In the game:

RGSC: Vingles

Level: 60+

Position: Jack of all trades

Heist status: completed all of them, but no rewards just yet.


Other things:

Age: 26

Gaming Rig: Good enough

Mic: Yes

Skype: Yes, dont wanna post here though :)

Location: Germany


And of course:

Feel free to add ME on RGSC and good luck in LS!

Edited by Vingles
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SC: flogeist

Skype: theanonimality

Steam: laiod


Looking for a crew of guys who aren't stupid. 40/20/20/20 cuts. I am flexible and can adjust.


I'll be hosting.


Playing on Hard.


Any questions PM me on either skype or SC (I don't have GTA V on steam, just SC). Next Heist on the list is Humane Labs.

Edited by laiod
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Skype: justinian

Social Club: juwstinian

Steam: jewstinian



Timezone: -5 GMT


I'd prefer to be a pilot, and any difficulty is OK.

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I'm at Pacific Stantard heist finale, and I'm looking for competent teammates to help me out with it. We would be playing at hard, while keeping at least 1,000,000 of our take (less than 250,000 loss). Money split would be 40-20-20-20% (200,000$ for you, if everything goes well). If you have a grenade launcher / rpg, that would be a huge help. (I'm level 40 myself, so I can't have that.) I have a microphone, but I'll only use it in case of emergency. GMT+2 timezone.
Contact me if you are intrested: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/.luxz./

The plan:

Avoid the NOOSE involvment by any means. When we have the money, the crowd controll teams should do the most of the shooting while we reach the escape vehicles. Then we take 2 bikes only, the hacker and the Demoman takes the driver seat, and 1-1 crowd controll guy sits behind them as a meatshield, to protect the bags.


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