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Heists Free Agents Topic [PC]

Recommended Posts


If you are looking for a group of people on PC to play heists with, this is the right place. Please include your Social Club username and which position, such as host, pilot, demolisher, driver, gunman, etc. you prefer if you're going to reply to this thread.


This is not the place to advertise your crew, only post if you are looking for heist crew mates. Thank you.

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Steam: Ryankirsch13

Social Club: WTFisaKirsch

Got a nice rig with a headset.

Friendly player and can hold my own.

Add me if your the same!

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I'm on the retail non steam copy so no steam name





Is my Rstar social club id


I'm lvl183


Done the crim master challenge

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Skilled Player Seeking Similiar for Heists!

Must have: Mic with Skype and a good computer [60fps]

Add Me
Social Club:

Skype: Igotsnacks

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Social Club: vapizt - please, send me a message stating why you're adding me.

Level - 240+ (as of right now)

Mic - Yes - Teamspeak

Eastern Timezone

Main Role - Driver - I can play as whatever is needed though


I would rather not host

- 40% Leader & then 20% for the other 3, is fair :)


Teamspeak is not mandatory but, a mic is a must!


Looking for 3 other teammates. I've completed all the heists/setups at least twice on hard (I'd prefer if you have too). Looking to do all the heists again...either to help others (who are familiar with setups/heists) in order all in one day, of course with food/drink/smoke breaks in between the setups & heists. As a bonus I would like to assemble a team together for the Criminal Master Mind Challenge.

Edited by Vapizt
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Shall put my name in the Hat. Would like to do all heists for the bonus if there is a group going, but up for any heist anytime :)


Socialclub: Swissy87

Skype: luke.davis

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Platform: PC

Steam and Rockstar Social Club ID: Player77720

Rank: 141

Microphone: yes

Completed all heists as host at normal difficulty

Want to Host and will give equal share to each member (25% each)

Location: UK

Want to do the Criminal Mastermind Challenge with three players.



Edited by Gamer77721
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Platform: PC
Steam and social club ID: Lolfabriek
Rank: 131
Age: 20
Microphone: yup
Free time: lots
Location: Belgium

Completed all heists at 30% normal and 70% hard difficulty.
I don't mind hosting or being a member. I'm looking to do Loyalty Bonus, All in order bonus and possibly the criminal mastermind Bonus.

Add me on social club if interested


EDIT: Completed ALL challenges, I will still do heists but not as many as before.

Edited by Lolfabriek
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Social Club ID: markfoged

Rank: 37

Age 27

Microphone: Yup, only occasionally works in GTA for some reason. Works fine in Skype and any other 3rd party program.

Online hours: All the time - took 2 weeks of vacation for launch. :D

Experience: 4 heists completed so far

Location: Denmark (CEST)

Edited by markfoged
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My Name is Mick

Social Club Name: lolpop3

Skype : lolpop34

From Luxemburg

Intrested in unlocking all the Things from the Heists and have some good fun haha :)

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R* ID: Elemental4859

Skype Name: jjsmith1994

Steam ID: Elemental4859

English Good PC and Microphone. Looking to heist.

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Platform: PC

Rockstar social ID: Undead0rogue

Rank: 52

Microphone: If needed, yes

Location: Netherlands


Willing to accomplish heists with other players knowing how to play.



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Club name: Peepeeshire

Level 80+

Play with my xbox controller.

Good at driving, flying, long range/short range combat.

add me with a message that you found me on this site.

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Hey there I'm up to host as i have a few $ left from 360 days.


Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/id/GD0G/

Social Club - http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/x_gd0g

Crew - CHUM Bucket

Rank - 165

Mic - Yes

Region - UK but I keep very unsocial gaming hours

Control Method - 360 Controller


Don't have to have a mic but preferred.

Be nice to get a crew together for the extra bonuses - same crew - correct order etc.

Can play whatever though.



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Socialclub ID:



I'm an active player and i'm looking for heist players

Edited by Breitsmeister
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Socialclub ID:




Im pretty active and a good driver


Already done the first one btw

Edited by Iczy
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Steam: Radical Edward

Social Club: hhhannahbanana


I have a mic. I have no preferred position. I just need a squad to roll with. I'm pretty new to GTA V. I'm on PST. Message me and we can get a crew going

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Social club: Mufomaster
Rank: 67
Age: 17
Pretty good at shooting

Edited by Mufomaster
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Arrow The Unicorn

Social Club: arrowth3unicorn


Age 24

I suck at driving but I have a lot of resources and I can clutch.

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Social Club: Skipwyth

Steam: Bilby (Aperture Labs Avatar)


Age: 17

I can take any role, but I mainly like driving and flying.

I'm not in the heists for the cash, just the unlocks so anyone I'm with can take my cut. I play everyday, especially weekends.

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my brother and i are looking for competent players who would like to complete some heists


we both have mic's and are all around good players


social club : miami_cool and maxdasgax


hit us up if you are not a noob

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were two guys looking for two more ppl to complete heists.

mic is a must, using skype mostly , we have no problem with other software.

english speakers, our ages 23 & 28

Skype: Arikation2k

Social Club: Arikation || Radioactive2027

out levels: 20-30

Edited by arikation
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l Javes x 1 l

Looking for skilled players to play heists with regularly

looking for levels 30+

Message me on social club @ ImJaves

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Rstar club name: harryandowen


what i need: i need a good heist crew that are own most of the afternoon and all the day weekends for heist i am currently trying to work on the finale part for thehumane labs but my old crew ditched me and havn't been online since and i cant find anyone decent throw match maker.


i have a complete pc setup mic and all.

Edited by harryandowen
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