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Turn off special music

Mr. Legoman

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Mr. Legoman

Hey peoples.


When i fly in a helicopter or under missions, there are some kind of music playing. It's not from the radio since it is turned of. And even in missions there are this strange music. No one is singing, just music.


Can this be turned on somewhere because it's freaking annoying. Even when i am parachuting there is music, which make no sense at all :-S

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Why is it annoying?

It gives a special feel for most people.


I enjoy it.

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It's the dynamic score, to add a sense of depth to what's going on.



If you don't like it, you can turn it off by pausing the game, going to settings, audio, and then turning the "Music" down all the way. That should stop it from playing.


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V is a very cinematic and movie-like game. It has cinematic cutscenes, cinematic camera movements and also music themes. Now i agree that it doesn`t make sense when hearing the music while parachuting, flying or having a wanted level but that`s what gives the depth and action to it.

Imagine some good action Hollywood movie without music going on during some scenes. It would be boring wouldn`t be?


But if you really can`t stand it just turn the volume down to 0 in your game/audio settings.

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Mr. Legoman

But if i turn down the music volume, i cant hear the music in the radio.

which mean i turn off all music in the whole game.


And gameplay wise, i have always turned of the music. It is just a part in the game i dont understand. I dont have to set a scene with music. There is no better music to view the amazing scenery than complete silence, while parachuting down with the wind. Or looking at the noisy city from above in my helicopter again in silence to get away from the noise.


BUT if it cant be turned off, other than shutting down complete for the music, then i guess i must live with it for now :-/

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