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[GTA IV] [Emergency Services Clan] London Role-Play Clan


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London Role-Play Clan

Welcome to London Role-Play Clan's GTAForums page

We are now recruiting!

London Role-Play Clan is an emergency services clan based in London. We have Police, Ambulance and London Fire Brigade all open for people to apply for. Our objective is to protect and keep the streets of in-game London safe. We have a load of divisions for people to be put in to from Roads Policing Unit to Specialist Crimes & Operations. Our system of training is to put you through a 3 part course consisting of Theory, Driving and Weapons. Your job as a constable is to make sure you can prove to us that you are worthy of your promotion throughout the ranks, you also must make sure to follow rules and commands by higher ranks. Constables are people who patrol the streets and mainly to keep London safe.

London Role-Play Clan's objective is to become one of the biggest Met Police clans and have lots of professional people in to keep London safe.

If you would like to join the clan is it very simple. Just create an account on our website and go through the application form. Once you have completed your application you must allow up to 7 days for a Human Resources Officer to reply to your application. However, Human Resources may ask for more detail or more information and you may/may not be accept straight away. Once a Human Resources Officer responds to your application you will have to go through an interview (If you get put through to interview stage) and be asked a variety of questions for us to get a better understanding of you and what you are capable of.

Website: http://londonroleplay.enjin.com/

Looking forward to seeing you guys around! Good luck!

P.S. Please keep in mind we are not associated with the real Met Police. We are a role play clan

Edited by MetPolice
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