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Upgrading the processor


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I currently have a pentium g2010 @2.8 ghz and a gt 610 {I know graphic card is sh*t but I am good with that}

So I was thinking of upgrading the processor t play GTA V with low settings

My Motherboard is DH61HO Intel and power supply is 450w

I usually buy things from flipkart.com and amazon.in

My Budget is tight around 10000-12000 Rs.

Can you help me suggest a processor for my computer,You think I must upgrade my motherboard I got no problem with that

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I'd suggest looking for used quad core i5 CPUs (LGA1155 socket), like i5-3330, i5-3350p, i5-3340, i5-3450, i5-3470, etc. - that'd be the best choice for GTA5 for your current motherboard.

New ones are slightly above your budget - you should be able to get a much better deal second-hand. Processors hardly ever break, so it's totally safe.

BIOS update might be required.


Also the graphics card is very slow and I hope you'll be upgrading it soon... otherwise I don't really see a point in spending so much cash on a CPU, since the GPU will be holding it back. Even your Pentium is limited by your current GPU.

Edited by yojo2


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Yeah you're going to be looking at a CPU/GPU upgrade bonanza! That card is the bottleneck as it is just now. Even with that CPU it'll be getting held up by the GPU.


I would consider saving some more and do both at once. Or better still save up more and do a CPU/GPU/MOBO/RAM overhaul and get yourself as much futureproofed as possible.

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