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Memory Lane.

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Learn about yourself, you’d be surprised - it’s fact

Layers of lies, deceived friends, abused ridden traps

I once thought I was wise, but then I realised

It’s a fair game, why am I still surprised?

Autumn foreshadows a grim looking mopey future

Older, but restricted mentally as a drug abuser

And the fellas, I find it hard to keep our friendship going

When the stagnantation of their mind is just eroding

So I stare at the looking glass, what have I become?

My family loves me, so the guilt is never un-done

Imbedded forever, lies strangle and tether

Inhaled the Holy Spirit, unearthed, anxious and under pressure

Don’t know who to look to, as they think I need some leverage

Shattered the glass of ease, a poison also called beverage.

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I'm getting strong images of a criminal with a conscience, knocking back drinks to ease the corruption, and realizing that family nowadays is the kind of thing that perpetuates crime --depending on how we're looking at what kind of family-- and seeing that the narrator is surprised in himself because he is seeing beyond what his stagnating friends are feeling. It's kind of like the criminal who knows he's doing wrong and can do better but is relentlessly and routinely a part of a world he can't escape.


Shattered the glass of ease, a poison also called beverage.



I think his conscience has become too much, and he's drinking now as a form of punishment to deal with his disgust.


I could be wrong. Either way, your poetry always invokes big images and loose meanings in my head so you must be doing something right.

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I don't know what to say! Your poetry really brings images to one's mind.

I really love the flow, don't know what else to say.



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