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Stutters Solution (works for me)


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Hello guys.

I want to share the solution that works for me.

As I see in a lot of forums (GTAForums, Nvidia, etc.) there are many of us having the same trouble about lagging and stutters even when we have a very nice PC for run this game.

After some hours trying to solve this problem, changing many configurations (lower, high, ultra, etc, turning off/on everything), my last option was to remove the new driver that nvidia create for this game and install the old driver that came with my Graphic Card to try if this works at least a little better.

First I uninstalled the new driver then I restart PC, when my PC started again with the CD already in, my PC gets the driver with the Graphic Card Integrated, then some seconds later my PC change the configuration for the new driver, that installed automatically, then I thought that was the driver on my CD. I go to the Nvidia Manager to check the version of the driver (thinking that the version is the older that I wanted to install) but then, I see that installed the latest driver and no the one that I wanted to install.

I was thinking that gonna be the same, the stutters again, lagging video/sound, etc. I check the configuration in Nvidia Manager and says that is configured to the optimal, I say its ok, lets try one more time, I open the game, it starts, everything is normal, I get a car trying to drive looking for the stutters etc, and nothing happened, the game runs normal at max config. every problem was solved. I dunno if was removing the driver and installing it again, but now it runs perfecly and I can play without stutters now.

I hope this info could help u guys, maybe is not easy to understand because I don't speak english as well, is not my first language but I wanted to share with you this because I see that many of you have the same trouble that me.


sry for my bad english again.

good luck and enjoy the game. :)

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I hope this works when I get back home. Stutters are getting on my nerves.

I have 2x270x's which outperform a 290x in most games - yet poor performance and stutters in GTA V.

Edited by VEGAMO
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i5-4690 @ 3.5Ghz

Gigabyte GTX 770 2GB



Everything is pretty much Very High/High, I'm over the 2GB "limit" even though this is what NVidia GeForce Experience recommends for my system. I forget where I read it, but I found that launching the game through GeForce Experience got rid of my stuttering for now. I'll have to play again tonight and see if it continues to work.

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Should work about the same if you choose custom install of new driver, then make sure you check the box for perform clean install.

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