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Bike Racing [360] Saturday 2nd May

yello cactus

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yello cactus

Hi all.

I've got a bike meet arranged for Saturday 2nd May, 2300 UK / 1500 PDT / 1800 EDT / 1700 CDT.


Saturday 2nd May. 2300 UK / 1500 PDT / 1800 EDT / 1700 CDT

Over the past few months the Sanchez has seen action negotiating the urban playground in ‘Sanchez in the city’ and taking part in multiple events testing the bike and rider in the ‘Sanchez Olympics’.

As a result, its off-roading prowess has been yet again confirmed (it was never in question!) but there’s an area where it is yet to shine and prove itself; racing!

Yes, there are Akumas, Batis etc but don’t discount the Sanchez. While it can’t match the ‘superbikes’ in sheer power, it’s combination of safe secure handling and relative good speed means it shouldn’t be discounted.

To prove its worth, join me as we take the Sanchez racing, starting with races in the city before following the Motorway/Freeway from West Los Santos clockwise through Paleto Bay and
Blaine County before arriving back in the city for the final race.

The races will be conducted on sections of motorway with minimal excursions off-road. Off-road sections are only used to enable the flow of the circuit.

All of the circuits have been designed to be as free flowing as possible with minimal slow sections but of course there’ll be plenty of jumps!

This is raw Sanchez racing so there’ll be no custom bikes allowed, so the racing is as fair as possible.

If you’re relatively new to the Sanchez or biking in general, then this is the event for you but if you’re a competent rider who knows how to throw a bike around then this is also for you!


How to join in...

Take a look at The Sanchez Experience in the GTA Forums 'Events' section where you'll find all the details.

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yello cactus


A few more details...

  • As well as Sanchez only races, there will be a couple of guest bike races to mix the night up a bit.
  • Dress code = suitable for bike racing.
  • Vehicle to be used driving between races = anything you want. Car, bike, van, SUV etc

Remember if you're new to bikes, these are made in Creator so you can give them a try.

This is a demo of one of the races.

All races are designed to be as free flowing as possible. Add in up to anothger 15 bikes and it should make for some good racing! :)

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