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Xbox One Version VS Pc Version (High to Very High Settings)


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Ok my pc is running on a Amd FX8350, Geforce 750ti, And 8GB Memory, now this is not a beast of a pc by any means but it does the job in terms of playing GTA 5 ON pc and makes it look much better than XBOX ONE version in my opinion, anyway i have stuck together a side by side comparison of the XBOX ONE version and PC VERSION, so please feel free to watch my video

I know people hate youtubers on this forum, but this is more of a Comparison video to show what the game can look like on a mid range system

Anyway enjoy

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PC version is superior, I'm totally shocked.


Liking the colors on the XBO version, though.

Edited by .JokeR
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the pc version has a nice contrast to it, the xbox one seems a bit gray and dull to me , but the pc has much more detail and foliage which i like lol

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Yes the PC is a lot more vibrant, and the draw distance is beautiful. Just wait until the graphics mods start rolling out, it's gonna be a lot better.

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What are your graphics options? I have a quad core I7 with 16 gb ram and a 750ti 2gb gddr5 and I cannot get the game to look as good as PS4/XONE without significant drops below 60fps. Never below 30.. but I can't play with it jumping between 30-60 it needs to be constant for me.

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