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Two problems, GTA online and director mode.


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Any time I try to launch GTA online it loads for a bit then gives me a message saying cannot download files needed to play GTA online from R* service. Is this common?


Any time I launch director mode it simply goes to a black screen where it stays until I kill the game.

Edited by PittDawg
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  • 1 month later...

I have the EXACT same problem, and repairing the game using the Setup tool does nothing. When I look at the 'Crews' section in the menu, it says Network Error 0 or 400. It's odd, as every other part - minus the store - works as expected. My stats update on the Social Club, so I've got no clue.

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Lol seems everyone keep awoiding this thread .And no one comes with some kind of solution,what a shame for a company like that ... Its even more sad that i gave 60$ for a half of the game considering SP is working fine but online just suck balls because cant play it like u guys wrote.Have the same problem.

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Perhaps it's the update.rpf file? When I delete it, it doesn't regenerate through an update or repairing the installation - I have to restore it. Removing it completely prevents the game from loading at all.


Edit: Well, the file can be replaced by deleting both it AND the GTAV.exe and running the launcher. It didn't resolve the problem though.

Going to try reinstalling.

Edited by davestanley
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As expected, reinstalling did absolutely nothing. Perhaps it's the profile, or Social Club being difficult as it tends to be.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Bro, this patch i just downloaded for GTA V (wasnt on steam 5-6 days so i downloaded it today) kinda fixed it, but for the first time I joined GTA online i was with players and it wasnt empty server and all that crap but later when i wanted to play again, guess what AN EMPTY SERVER!!

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