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All chrome rims for my hakuchou are free!


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So while I was playing GTA online today, I went to the mod shop with my hakuchou to get the max upgrade brakes and some wheels, I bought max brakes and went to the stock rims, but when I scrolled all the way to the bottom, there was a chrome rim there that was free called the speedway, I bought it and checked the chrome rims section and ALL of the chrome rims were free!. Did I discovered a glitch or did I earned them free as a special award for something?

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Gantons Most Wanted

You most likely completed the 100 kills whilst wearing NVG which unlocks the Bike Chrome Rims for free.

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Are they free forever though? Can I buy em as much as I want? Or are they limited?

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Pretty sure they're free forever once you've completed the challenge.


Here's the full list


For free chrome Sport category rims: Win 50 Captures

For free chrome Lowrider category rims: Deliver 100 packages in Captures

For free chrome Offroad category rims: Kill 100 package-carrying players in Captures

For free chrome High-End category rims: Complete the final mission for any heist 50 times

For free chrome Tuner category rims: Complete setup missions for any heist 50 times

For free chrome Motorcycle category rims: 100 Kills while wearing nightvision goggles

For free chrome SUV category rims: Be on the winning team of 50 LTS jobs

For free chrome Muscle category rims: Be last player alive in 50 LTS jobs

Edited by senormidget
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System 11:11

They are free for good once you unlock them op. Only downside is they don't effect the vehicle resale value.

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