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Zheung Yik

How to make passenger drive by using ak47 like gta sa in gta iv

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Zheung Yik

Title said everything

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You most likely have to manually script this... good luck, here is what I would do... i wont do it because i know it would take lots of time and testing which im over doing


1. Find an animation you can play that makes player stick arm out window, use an anim flag to keep it there (if desired position is the last frame of anim) or set the anim time in a tick to the desired time. Find a vehicle animation or just play any animation on upper body only.


2. When the anim begins, spawn and attach, to the player hand, an appropriate weapon object with proper rotation (use mouse down to know when aiming has begun)


3. Maybe reverse the animation to make him put arm back in car (use native to set anim time in tick) and delete object when not aiming anymore (mouse up)


4. Use a native to fire the bullets from a position in the direction from the camera that is in front of your driver window to an end position in the direction of the camera. (monitor for mouse down or keydown for shooting and a tick to fire the bullets) (Tip: startPosition + shootDirection * range = endPosition ... the fire bullet native asks for start and end position iirc... range would be a float while the position and direction are vector3s)


I never made anything like this but everything I mentioned imo sounds doable to at least test if it would work. You'd have to be pretty familiar with gta natives, etc to pull this off... good luck.


fyi...i use gamepad so no clue the kb/m buttons/keys i am saying are correct


Not sure if you ever noticed but if you move the camera in a certain way while playing you can actually shoot yourself because in reality the bullets you shoot dont come from the gun but from the camera, just the way 3rd person games are made I guess since you judge the world from a different perspective than the actual player ped ;)

Edited by byteMe420

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