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Anyone else getting massive lag online?


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Whenever I play online other people lag out on my screen, like massive rubberbanding all over the place. I know it's not my internet because all my games I play I have at max 35 ping. Anyone else getting this? It's really annoying!

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Yes. The Cars teleporting and during heists missions, the shooting takes forever to kill even one guy.


All kind of laggy rendering is going on as well. I thought it was only me though but looks like not.

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For me it's not huge (most of the time), but it is noticeable. I've shared this elsewhere, but there's a lot of NPC vehicles constantly crashing into each other--not sure if it's AI or lag/spawn bug-related. Comical though...the crashing noise is near constant.

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This happens a lot on the consoles too I think, GTAO's servers aren't the best.

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This happens a lot on the consoles too I think, GTAO's servers aren't the best.


the servers are fine i think , i think its because people from all over the world are putted in 1 lobby and thats causing lagging/rubberbanding.


that why when i play bf4 online i only play in servers in europa/max ping 40

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I attempted playing online for the first time yesterday and was jumping around all over the place on the first race. Halfway through the second mission everything just froze up completely and I had to cntl alt del and kill it.

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GTA O doesn't have dedicated servers, its P2P just like the consoles. So your experience is going to depend on whoever the game decided to make host sadly.

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