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Low Population in Story mode/online?


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Game is great so far and looks amazing! Only downside is that it isnt how it was on the trailer :/

Lacking the amount of cars and AI population that was in the trailer... I hope they add it later at least or do something about it.

Game feels a bit empty at times and would be fun to just ram everything in your path.

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Doland J. Trump

PC master race though?


The trailers lied. For PC and console. I haven't seen an extremely busy road at all on PS4 (except for highway out of LS), population varies A LOT as well. I thought it'd be something R* would want to improve on PC.

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I cant say if it is or not :D altho I dont ever touch my ps4 lol. *cough PC is the master race cough*

It is a whole lot easier to aim and kill on pc though so I'm having a blast at it. I just hope at least a mod will be released and allow the game to have a higher population density from what it is now.

LS just feels like how it did when I played it on the ps3 -.-

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i got loads of cars and loads of peds. mines better than the trailer tbh.


something not right with the settings or hardware. whats your spec?

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Runnin everything on max settings


GTX 780 OC

i7 3770k 4.5ghz

8gb ram

z77x-UD3H Mobo


I mean its not completely empty as in no AI its just not enough.


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Have you changed the pedestrian and vehicle density to high (or max) in the games settings?

Edited by Cyper
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yeah Geforce experience does it for ya when you optimize it. Everything right now is set to 100% and so far its eh maybe someone can take a picture of what they are seeing in-game to compare it with.

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