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4k results!


Recommended Posts

Post your results at 4k! I'm still waiting for the download to finish but I want to know what people are getting at 4k.

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Its brutal... Im getting about 50-60 fps with everything maxed out (2xAA) using 2 titan x's. The scene where the house gets pulled down had the worst dip so far to 28 fps.

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Its brutal... Im getting about 50-60 fps with everything maxed out (2xAA) using 2 titan x's. The scene where the house gets pulled down had the worst dip so far to 28 fps.

can you please upload your graphics options menu pics. thanks

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Ill be giving it a whirl soon, but I can already tell its not going to be great ^_^


At 1600p, with most settings max, with the exception of big hitters (MSAAx2), Its not so smooth. Running with 780ti. Low action/draw scenes are very smooth (dont have fps running, but I can tell its hitting 60), but driving, it dips for sure.


Probably going to have to fiddle with a lot of settings to get [email protected] "solid".


R300 & skylake cant come soon enough...

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I have only done a quick benchmark using the benhmark tool which seemed to crash near the end because it thought i died lol but with everything maxed except aa i was getting minimum 60 fps and max 180 fps it was hovering around 70 for all the big landscape scenes.


Using 2 titan x's overclocked @ 1380

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hopefully people would be getting the advertised 4K by Rockstar within 2 years. Or is there someone with similar spec recommended by Rockstar for 4K @ 60 FPS ?

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i am getting like 60 fps on 4k with dual 780ti's thats insanely impressive considering it's as high as it goes in settings


but it freezes a little here and there

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Was getting some pretty bad drops but 40-50fps with my 280x at mid/high settings, then switched vsync on and getting pretty rock solid 30fps. It's amazing.


This is while twitch streaming at 720p/30fps as well.

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I just recorded about an hour of footage...came out to 200GB. Thats double the size of the normal videos I record of equal length.

Edited by habuj58
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Updated to the new beta driver, was able to push my settings a little higher with the same results.


Population density, variety: Maxed

Distance Scaling: Maxed



Textures: High

Shaders: Normal
Shadows: Normal
Reflection Quality: Normal

Reflection MSAA: x2

Water Quality: Normal

Particle Quality: High

Grass Quality: High

Soft Shadows: AMD CHS

Post FX: High

Motion blur strength at 2

Anisotropic Filtering: X4

Ambient Occlusion: High

Tessellation: High



Long Shadows: Off

High Res Shadows: Off

High Detail Streaming While Flying: On

Extended Distance Scaling at 3


With VSync on I'm getting rock very, very solid 30fps. I'm extremely happy with these results, game looks absolutely stunning.

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@3840x2160, I have everything maxed out including advanced graphics, no AA, very high/ultra everything and I'm getting rock solid 30fps with vsync.


FX8320 @ 4.6ghz

8gb DDR3 1600

XFX R9 290X 4gb


Using updated beta drivers, runs smooth as butter and looks freaking amazing!

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how to change the resolution to 4k. or does one need a 4k monitor?

you need to buy the Asus PB287Q 4K 60Hz 1MS Gaming monitor

But 4K is a thing for TVs, we got 5K on computers, get the Dell Ultrasharp UP2715K instead

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Actually Im very pleased with the results so far! Seems my initial worry was because I was aiming quite high and going for 60.


@1600p the lil dips was actually it switching from 60 down to 30, (780ti), considering most settings were either maxed or very high and MSAAx2. While at times I get the butter smooth deliciousness, the actions parts (or just plain ol' driving sideways) the switching down to 30 was bothersome (not full blown game breaking). Locking @30fps produced a very consistant result, obviously sacrificing the butter smoothness.


On to 4k, very, very impressed! I first turned off AA, as it was exceeding the sore spot of the 780ti (3GB VRAM ><), game played rock solid @30, so much so that I then ignored the warning about memory and turned on MSAAx2 which pushed usage just over 3GB, game was able to stay solid @30! Should also mention that I was able to record while doing so too (Altho it recorded @1440p -_- dunno why, I have shadowplay set to in-game res...)


Might be a tall order, but Im hoping a new rig in summer with likely a R300 & skylake combo will get butter smooth 60+ on my monitor (1600p) and maaaaybe [email protected] with minor fiddling.


(EDIT: Anyone able to answer this - http://gtaforums.com/topic/784670-screen-grab-key/ )

Edited by swirler
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