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Broken graphics


Recommended Posts

Hey, I downloaded the game to play right at the launch, but as soon as i started the story mode I noticed that the graphics looked weird.


Here is two screenshots: http://piclair.com/data/51y4t.jpg , http://piclair.com/data/3c5m6.jpg


I've tried changing resolution, Directx version, windowed mode, hertz, installing newest drivers, older drivers, highest and lowest graphics settings.


It's almost as if the contours are burned in the screen, but I can see the game moving behind it.


Does anyone have a previous experience with this kind of a problem?




i5 3570k

8gb ram

GTX 560


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Happens to me as well, with a fairly similar configuration: i7 860, 16GBs of RAM and a MSI GTX560 running the latest Nvidia 350.xy drivers, cleanly installed and reinstalled... :/






Ive posted this on reddit too, seems we're three now with the exact same issue :/





Did you have any problem with the download? Mine lost connection to the download server and got stuck at 0 bytes/s and I had to delete .part-files to get it going again. I'm thinking maybe I got some corrupt files.


Do you mind linking to the reddit-thread?

Edited by zr7chuk
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Nop, I haven't deleted anything. It did stuck alot, but it always resumed back and, eventually, the download completed.

I've also downloaded from the RGSC server ONLY.




Just like you say in that thread, my last hope would be either a clean installation or a new graphicscard. I definitly don't want to re-download the game as my internet is pretty slow and it would take me over a day, and buying a new graphicscard is really pricy. I'm currently out of ideas. Really hope someone has a solution to this.

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Hi together,

I have the same problem. My system is absolutely fine for this game, the driver ist up to date, other games are working without any problems. But GTA 5 is unplayable with this creepy graphics. I found some another guy with the issue: http://bit.ly/1yqqwr5

I hope, we can find a solution! Did anyone of you already contact the official support?

Greetings from Germany!

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I've just copied the game to my brothers computer and he got the exact same problem which makes me think it's something wrong with my copy of the game. I'll just re-download the game for 2-3 days, sigh..

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By 'reinstall' i actually mean 'completely wiped out all content and started the download again, from scratch'. If you bought it on Steam, you might want to try the 'verify integrity', otherwise this is the way to go.

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By 'reinstall' i actually mean 'completely wiped out all content and started the download again, from scratch'. If you bought it on Steam, you might want to try the 'verify integrity', otherwise this is the way to go.

Thanks, you made my day as I was having weird graphics issues and the integrity verification found 2 corrupted files. Downloaded them again and all is good now!!

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Hey guys, I got the exact same problem. Downloaded it with social club downloader for a couple of days. Installation was faster than expected, but game is unplayable.


So reinstalling or redownloading is it?


Oh gosh :-(

My specs

Amd x6 1090t

Nvidia gtx 580

4 GBP ram

Win 7

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Good news, the reinstall was successful! :lol: It took 26 hours to download the game again, but it was worth it. I guess the problem was caused by an corrupted file.
Do not forget to delete the game completely before the new trial. I used the Revo Uninstaller, a little free program, that removes all traces.

Good Luck!

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Guys I am running 350.12 also and you all need to be aware that this driver is giving a lot of people issues. You can see my rig below and I get graphic corruptions like shadows from a helicopter onto the ground turns into a square box with a shadow inside that still looks weird. I also get display driver stopped responding and at first I was concerned that my new CPU OC wasn't stable, but it ran through 25 passes in IBT, so it seemed odd. Then I read the thread below and realized I am far from a unique problem. There is only one way to lower the chance of a problem while playing and that is to either lower your OCs or underclock. Underclocking is a terrible solution, but it's all we have for now.


350.12 overall was a complete failure due to the fact most of the people who are having problems own 900 series GPUs... Oh, it is also is a horrible OCing driver compared to the last 3 released before it.


You can check out some of the issues others are having to see if your problem is unique or not here: http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=398374


I'm waiting for another driver, hopefully one up to the quality we expect from NVIDIA's driver team.

Edited by zepman79
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i only deleted the files in the main folder, which are going like xya... to xyv. i thought, the 17gb of audio data shouldnt be the cause of the errors.

well, i just finished downloading and same error as before.

now i am going to completely uninstall the game, delete ALL files and do a new download from scratch. oh gosh.

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You don't have to actually put music files/folders in the GTA Music location, you can just place shortcuts (can even just place a shortcut to My Music in there). I have over 90k songs and it's under 5MB.

Edited by zepman79
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Well, i meant the gta 5 data, the 60gb does not only consist of data files, but also of 17gb of audio files.

Still downloading the complete 60 gb again. See you in 20 hours.

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Before you guys reinstall-- you might want to try the following-- (I know steam thing was posted already but not the other)... I'm just throwing this out there for those that didn't know this.





++If you're on Steam, right click it in your Library>properties>Local Content>verify integrity of game cache. SOURCE

++If you are not on Steam. There's an option to repair the game in the GTA V setup tool. SOURCE
++As a Last Resort-- Reinstall the game
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