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1st Person or 3rd Person


How will you play through the game?  

54 members have voted

  1. 1. How will you play through the game?

    • First Person
    • Third Person
    • Switch between both

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I played this game on PS3 over a year ago just once, and now I'm about to play again but can't decide to do 1st or 3rd person. I've heard they are both two different experiences, so which is the best to start with? I'm using mouse + keyboard.

Edited by wildstyle91
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1st person on foot(keyb+mouse)+3rd person on vehicles(with a controller)(except jets) that's my pref.

Feel free to switch back and forth both are going to be great in PC :D

Edited by TheSun
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You can switch between them with the press of a button. I play around with both all the time. 1st person is great for immersion, but it's the least practical of the choices as it severely reduces your mobility and field of view. 3rd person gives you views around buildings and stuff, so it's best for competitive gameplay.


1st person is just for fun really. I like to bring my dirt bike to the top of mountains and race down them full speed in first person. It's scary as hell lol

Edited by Nick930930
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I will finish the story in 3rd person, then in 1st person. But during freeroam, I might switch between both.

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I will switch mainly because first person restricts the editor camera functions so when i record ill go third person, mainly ill go first person though, i can not wait to experience this world from fp, been a long time since i played on ps3

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