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Will this game create coil whine?


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Some games give me coil whine regardless of their required specifications. Max payne 3 uses the same engine and gives me coil whine. (yes, im already vsynced.) That means there is a good chance GTA V will give me coil whine?

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improve your cooling and you will never have to worry about coil whine again


coil whine is not a heat issue...

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Nothing much you can do about coil whine... it doesn't really matter which game you play, it's a hardware issue.


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It shouldn't but if it does try adjusting the shader pitch. If that doesn't work try replacing your coil dampeners. .

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If you have an nvidia card, get the nvidia inspector and lock your graphics card to 60fps. That solved my coil whine issues in 3ds max and cryengine.

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shrugs* i have a 980, came from a gtx570.. never heard "coil whine" in either of them.. maybe stop buying cheap parts :p i've used asus for both my mobos and corsair for both my power supplies.. i game at 144 fps and never heard coil whine once

Edited by firedrop
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The manufacturer who made your card is retarded that's why you get coil whine.


I suggest changing it or live with it.

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There's not much you can do to eliminate coil whine. Sorry about that. :/

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With my gtx970 i have coil whine in MP3 only in menu. But you can off it by using v-sync or d-xtory and lock fps

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most likely if you are already experiencing it. it's not so much an issue with the game. it's the hardware of your GPU. blame the manufacturer (nvidia i'm guessing?).


if it bothers you so much try change your PSU or stick in some sound proof material. or...return it and buy a GPU that doesn't whine.

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