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Is giant shark myth proven or fake?


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Maybe you already know about the shark icon on the paper map you got within the game but i`ve noticed it today. It`s out in the open sea east of Palomino Highlands.

Since it`s the only such icon on the GTA V map i googled it and i noticed a couple of threads about supposed giant shark in that particular area. I also saw some pics of it`s jaws but i think it`s photoshoped anyway.

I`ve spent alot of time exploring that part and didn`t see nothing so far.


So what do you think about it? Has anyone seen such thing or it`s 100% fake? Because i found it weird that it`s the only such mark on the map while we can encounter sharks all over the ocean in V.



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So it`s fake as f*ck. OK but what bugs me is how come the whole map has only 1 marking of a shark since we know sharks all over the ocean? It is an icon of great white shark, the only lethal shark in GTA V.

Judging by this icon one would say that is the only place to find them.


It`s weird. Just like the Mt. Chilliad murals or underwater hatch. I wonder if these things have any point at all or it`s just a R*`s trick to make us exploring the map like crazy?

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The only sharks are Hammerheads and a mix of Tiger and Great White sharks. I'm hoping VI will have more shark variety i'm fascinated by the marine life in V.

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Me too. I just can`t believe they made such alive and fascinating ocean. There`s no other game that would come even close in this aspect.

Must be a sh*tload of stuff underwater we don`t even know yet. I play this game since october 2013 and i still discover some new stuff underwater now and then.

It`s almost like a marine simulator.

Just WOW!

Edited by MrDeSanta
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So what's up with the brown sharks? Saw one on NG. If I'm not mistaken they weren't there on last gen.

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