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Custom GTA Story?


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Could everyone like make a custom GTA Story in this topic? xD

This is mine:


Protonagist (Something like that): David Gene

Custom Vehicle: Cheetah

Gang: Goodies

Allies: Frank Rosenberg and Liza Stanton


Antonagist or enemy: Simon Simeone

Gang: Bangers

Mission 1: Simeone Slap (Escape from the prison camp and Drive to Davids apartment) (BY DAVID)

Mission 2: Goodie Goods (Help the Goodies deliver pistols to new recruits) (BY GOODIES)

Mission 3: No Drugs (Take out drug dealers and set fire to their warehouse) (BY FRANK)

Mission 4: Rifle Fun (Go to the gun store and buy an AK47 and then assault the Bangers HQ (BY GOODIES)

Mission 5: Supply (The Power is shut down by the Bangers, David have to get to the Power station with Frank and protect him while he turns on the Power supply) (BY FRANK)

Mission 6: Save Liza (Liza is kidnapped by Simon Simeone and some bangers, Save her) (BY LIZA)

Mission 7: Apartment Raid (You have a party with Frank and some Bangers attack the apartment. David and Frank must protect the apartment until the Goodies come) (BY DAVID)

Mission 8: Murder (Simon Simeone has killed some Goodies. In return, David and Liza takes out half the Bangers with an brand new Carbíne) (BY GOODIES)

Mission 9: Arms Deals (Rob a plane full of SMGs and deliver it to the Goodies, They pay David 50k) (BY GOODIES)

Mission 10: Just business (Purchase an airfield and supply pistols to the Goodies by planes) (BY DAVID)

Mission 11: Simeone is dead (Assault the new Bangers HQ with Liza, Frank and a Goodie and kill Simeone. (BY GOODIES)

Mission 12: The Heist Prep (Check out the Big Bank and plan the heist (BY FRANK)

Mission 13 (ENDING): The Bank Heist (Rob the bank with Frank and Liza, Escape with 20 million dollars.


Donalds Airfield (Purchased in Just Business (30k) (AIRFIELD)

McDonalds (70k) (FOOD)

CabCan (100k) (TAXI RIDES)

Luxury house (500k) (APARTMENT)



Frank is the cousin of Ken Rosenberg from Vice City

Purchasing the Luxury house replaces David,s Apartment


Hope you enjoy my Little custom game!


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