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Game Idea: Feet First Into Hell (Halo Horror Game)


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Basically, I was thinking of a game where you fight the Flood in dark corridors. Sounds normal and boring, right? Well, unlike before you wont be playing as a Spartan or Elite.....you will be playing as an ODST. Taking place on High Charity, you are a lone ODST that got left behind and must survive and fight through the Flood infested Covenant capital. This takes place while High Charity is still orbiting Installation 05, and hasnt been fully converted. You will be able to explore the entirety of High Charity. Also infection forms are extremely dangerous, able to lower your stamina rapidly, so make them your priority, using automatic weapons. It will also include text logs detailing the Covenant's fight against the Flood and more.

This will be a fan game and will not be made for profit.

Here's the default control layout idea i have for the Xbox Controller:

LS: Moving Forward or Back/ Strafing Left or Right
RS: Looking Up or Down/ Turning Left or Right
A: Jump
B: Melee
X: Action
Y: Pickup/ Exchange Weapon
DPad ^: Active Camo
DPad < & >: Cycle Grenades
RB: Remove Infection Form
RT: Fire Weapon
LT: Throw Grenade
LSC: Crouch
RSC: Zoom

And for Keyboard:

W,A,S,D: Moving Forward or Back/ Strafing Left or Right
Mouse: Looking Up or Down/ Turning Left or Right
Space: Jump
F: Melee
E: Action
TAB: Pickup/ Exchange Weapon
C: Active Camo
1,2,3,4,5: Choose Grenade
R: Remove Infection Form
LMC: Fire Weapon
RMC: Throw Grenade
BMC: Charge (Plasma Pistol Only)
CTRL: Crouch
MMC: Zoom
Edited by X12-1992
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