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Los Santos Film Crew Recruiting [Xbox One]


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This is a crew that I have just started this morning, the 'Los Santos Film Crew' as you can imagine in Los Santos there are many film crews but none as good as ours.


What do we do? I hear you ask


We make class A telivision programs on Xbox One Grand Theft Auto Online, they are filmed and edited by us whith our actors in them, they are then posted on to our crews YouTube channel for the world to see.

We will do many different episodes and if its a good programme with a good response we will start a seaon following that character

EVERYBODY will have a chance to write a script that we film and upload.


There are many different roles in the crew:

  • Actors
  • Filming Team (PVR is needed)
  • Editers (can be a filmer as well)
  • Script writer
  • Directors
  • Security
  • Stuntmen



  • Commisoners will be directors
  • Liutenants will be Script Writers and script riter
  • Representatives will be Filming team, editors and stuntmen
  • Muscle will be the Security team

What does each role do?




The actors are the people who will be getting filmed, they will do as they are told by the director as well as wearing what they are told, and what car to drive what to say and when to say it. They may be asked to play roles such as; The FIB, The IAA, local police, business men, guns for hire, bikers, shop owner and many more.......

The stuntmen will take the actors role in fast car chase etc so they need to be good drviers.


Filming Team


It is there jobs to film all the action and get more than one angle meaning that it may have to be recorded more than once so they also have to listen to what the director says.




Editers will get the footage that has been recorded sent to them, and they have to edit it so that it can be upload so it would be a good idea for them to have good quality flm editing software.


Script Writer


This is the person who writes the script for each episode of the season of the program being filmed.




They direct it, they have a copy of the script and tell evrybody where they have to be and what they have to do.




First of all there main role is to protect everybody during filming, but they also go on drug runs and hits and other criminal activities. Contact me for details cant speak here.



There is a website currently under cinstruction




If you need to contact me my GT is martin 200045

Or VIA rockstar social club : LS50_Director (an old crew, waiting to change my name)

Snapchat : martin.donnelly

email: <script cf-hash='f9e31' type="text/javascript"> /* */</script>

kik: MaRtiND0nnelly


Thank you for reading this.








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