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[Xbox One] - State of San Andreas Roleplay


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Name: State of San Andreas Roleplay

Platform: Xbox One Only

Time Zone: We usually have sessions around 5-6PM (EST), which is 10-11PM (GMT/UK)

Nationality: Most of our members are either American or British, but we accept anyone who speaks English.

Website: http://www.stateofsarp.com/



State of San Andreas Roleplay is a newly created professional roleplay community. Although we were established in April 2015 we are still making good progress and have a Police Department, a Sheriff's Department, Fire and EMS as well as Civilians. If you are interested in a professional, fun and realistic roleplay clan then we are definitely the one for you.


We are currently looking for experienced role-players to head up some departments/divisions within the clan, if this is something you are interested in also, then please let us know during your interview.


The recruitment process for our clan is quite simple. Firstly, take a look around our website, click apply, fill the form out and then we will contact you, after we contact you we will set up and interview and then training, all of this will be explained in the interview.


We offer a full rank structure for every department, awards and points to players that meet the requirements. We have a disciplinary system, this rarely has to be used but it seems to work very well. Any more questions about the clan? Please post below and I will answer then edit this to include that information, thank you for your interest!


Social Club Links:

State of San Andreas Roleplay Crew: (coming soon)

SASD Crew: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sasheriffsdepartment

SA Paramedic Crew: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sa_paramedics

SA Fire Crew: (coming soon)

Edited by CharlieModo
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Great crew, personally coming from a member right now it can be fun. We do need more civilians then anything right now.

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Sounds like another Rip-off RP community that your trying to startup.


The worst part is you ripped-off your community name and website layout, from an already establish and reputable RP community.


The community you ripped-off everything from is San Andreas State Role Play https://sasrp.enjin.com which has been around GTA V for over a year.


If your going to start a community be original and new, don't go stealing other communities names or designs.

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Share Sharqi

Unless they copied logos etc. this is no more a copy than every military/PMC/merryweather/Lost MC/LSPD duplicate that is out there.

I don't know if it's your computer or what, but the websites don't look at all similar when you open them.

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