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non graphical difference between gta v old gen-new gen


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hello, im interested on GTA V i like much this game and im about to buy it buuuut, i wanna know something first.whats the difference in the game , not graphically, but in content between consoles, (ps4,ps3,x360,xone,pc).

does the ps4,xbox one, has more content than ps3/360 versions?

wont i have acces to that extra content if i keep playing on ps3?

what console has the biggest player base(online) or server, or is it one server for all the consoles?

Edited by Obi-wankenobi
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Great job using a font color that blends into the background color of the post area. You have to highlight the text to be able to read his post. :lol:

EDIT:Good, he fixed it.

Edited by RM76
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*Post deleted.

Edited by The7thOne


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Well, I can't answer in too much detail since I don't know the differences exactly (since I haven't played the game yet). But I do know PS4/Xbox One do have a few more features like: more collecteables or something, where you can turn into an animal if I'm not mistaking. Of course there's also first person mode. There are also more songs to listen to on the radio, and of course (although this is kinda graphics related) the world itself has more details like more grass, flowers, busier roads, etc. The next-gen (and PC) also allow for up to 32 players in online mode, instead of just 16.

The PC version will also have an advanced video editor (and a new radio station, which will probably also come to the consoles).


I think for now all versions will still get all updates, but I think I saw somewhere that there might be a day where some updates will not be available for old-gen, just because the console can't handle it.

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lool sorry for the color background . and thanks for the answers, it helped me a lot..

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