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Buying used


Recommended Posts

What are your thoughts on buying used components for your PC?


Yes? No? Why? What kind of components?


You can come across really good deals on sites like Ebay and even physical stores. Many newer components still have warranties and those are the two reasons I've recently started looking at used CPU's.


Hard drives/other storage units feel personal though, wouldn't want to either buy one used or sell mine on to someone else really. :p

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I bought a used 8800GTX a few years ago when they were still £650 for £200. It lasted a couple of years then died, so I did pretty well out of it.


Some things (processors, GPUs, cases, RAM, Mobos) as long as they've been well cared for then it's fine. I wouldn't do it with HDDs or SSDs, or PSUs or anything else with a finite life.

AMD Ryzen 5900X (4.65GHz All-Core PBO2) | Gigabye X570S Pro | 32GB G-Skill Trident Z RGB 3600MHz CL16

EK-Quantum Reflection D5 | XSPC D5 PWM | TechN/Heatkiller Blocks | HardwareLabs GTS & GTX 360 Radiators
Corsair AX750 | Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic XL | EVGA GeForce RTX2080 XC @2055MHz | Sabrant Rocket Plus 1TB
Sabrant Rocket 2TB | Samsung 970 Evo 1TB | 2x ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q | Q Acoustics 2010i | Sabaj A4

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Personally I'd be cautious about buying a used GPU too, I'd consider only if it's still under warranty.


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Yeah I got a ASUS GTX780 for about £180 at a retail store a few months ago. It has all warranties just someone else bought it and opened the box first. And then someone at the store mucked up the pricing, their policy I think is to lower the prices by 10% only. But still.


I don't think it's that big a deal if it dies after a few years, 3-5 years is what I'd expect out of something before it becomes too old anyway. And if it takes that long then it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the fact that it was used?


Many of the things that pop up on Ebay are still sealed even like the person bought it just to sell it on, kinda crazy but I don't mind saving some money.



Personally I'd be cautious about buying a used GPU too, I'd consider only if it's still under warranty.

So you'd be more fine with used CPU/RAM/mobo?

Edited by Andreaz1
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CPU - definitely, these almost never go wrong (unless extremely overclocked or defective from the beginning).

RAM/MoBo... if the price is right & warranty is still valid, then why not. Although I'd worry a bit about pins in the mobo's socket (if buying an Intel mobo), they are very easy to bend.


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