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Looking for PS4 friends.


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To start I am in my 30's and I have played all GTA games. I have GTA 5 on 360 level 47 and Xbone level 128. I have now started on PS4 and at level 34 currently. I don't know any people so I am looking for cool mature players with a sense of humor that want to help each other make some money with missions, heists, etc and have some fun. l also am willing to help with races as I also need help. I have one 10 car garage and a high end apartment. If I can find friends I will buy all the other expensive cool stuff and heist vehicles after we unlock them. I am clean friendly player with no drama also I can drive, shoot, fly, pretty much anything. Also I have a headset with mic. Add me gamer tag- earcel

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Searched for you but many results and couldn't narrow it down. I play mostly missions, a true grinder. I don't mind helping to earn money. Add me if ever interested in playing.

Psn: P_isa_V

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Exactly what I'm looking for, you can find me at PSN: HaughtySneer. Also thinking of starting a small crew for intelligent, mature, like-minded players to maximise RP and cash. Would any of you like to join me?

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Id love to join ya, been looking for other mature likeminded players. PSN: RisingAlone (just add a message saying GTA Forums)

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Thanks to everyone that added me and responded. I haven't gotten to meet everyone yet but hope to very soon. I think I have sent everyone a friend request that messaged me or posted here if I missed anyone get in touch with me.

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