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Asphalt Aviators Motorcycle Club


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The Asphalt Aviators Motorcycle Club (XBOX ONE) is RECRUITING prospects!













The AAMC is a brotherhood of bikers who are making their mark in Los Santos more and more everyday. We are a committed group of hardnosed riders who value the ties that bind us, conquering the threats that face us, and the open road. Prospects interested in joining this active, rough, and most importantly fun club must go to the website and follow the instructions there. We are looking forward to growing with you and becoming among the most venerable motorcycle clubs in Los Santos!





Asphalt Aviators was founded in March 2015 by 8 members, some from old MCs and others brand new to the system. With experience of previous MCs treating members unfairly and kicking them out, a collection of dedicated bikers decided to make the Asphalt Aviators MC, which treats EVERY member like. All brothers and sisters are equally protected, as the club enjoys their time together as one solidified unit. The AAMC is growing in numbers everyday, and new opportunities and avenues are contantly manifesting to maintain steady expansion.





Club sessions are broadcasted on TWITCH TV at the following link:

















President Reborn Guardian and Treasurer Stray Cat Blues outside of the Vanilla Unicorn







President and Enforcer settling their differences diplomatically.





Some members of The Lost Motorcycle Club and the Asphalt Aviators Motorcycle Club taking a break during a joint ride.






Enforcer Stefhatta standing next to President Reborn Guardianm surveying the parking lot of the Vanilla Unicorn.






The Ring of Fire.





Club President Reborn Guardian letting rivals know exactly how he feels about them.







Edited by Foleydelphia
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